Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It'z about that time for some urban soul music!! Most of you probably don't recognize the name Georgia Anne Muldrow? Not surprising! She's a 22 year-old Los Angeles native that currently resides in New York, with dreams and aspirations of being a true trendsetter with her music. Georgia is new to the music scene, but not brand new? Huh?? If you have ever listened to the Platinum Pied Pipers album "Triple P" then you have definitely heard Georgia do her thing. If for some crazy reason you haven't heard the Platinum Pied Pipers CD yet, stop reading this right now, get in your car, head the your nearest CD store, and purchase "Triple P" immediately!! I wish I was joking, because that is a definite necessity for anyone that claims to be a true soul music lover! Georgia is featured on three songs on that album, "Your Day Is Done," "Lights Out," & "One Minute More." I like her vibe. She has a funky and soulful sound, which makes her standout from many of the other soul singers on the rise!

Georgia is making moves though, which is good! She currently has an EP titled, "Worthnothings" available for purchase that has seven new songs on it. This is a limited release, so that means it won't be around forever? When she finally blows up, this EP will be one of those hard to find, overpriced collector's items that everyone will be tryin get their hands on! Hmmm?? I know ya'll are probably thinking..."She's only 22 yrs. old....she's probably singing about bubble gum and potato chips?" Nope! She's much deeper than that lyrically. I have heard her lyrics described as brilliant and revolutionary? I would definitely agree. Listen to the song, "Larva" off of her EP and experience some refreshing head-bobbin soul! It is artists like Georgia that keep me interested in nu-soul music! We need more acts like her to keep adding more needed diversity into the female soul singer category! Erykah, Jill, India, Leela & Jaguar can't keep doing it by themselves.
Georgia also has a crew she runs with that calls themselves "TheWorthNothingsKrew!" The three members of the group are Georgia, Maze & Dudley Perkins! Keep your ears out for them too!!

Okay, here are some sites that you can checkout to get your hands on some Georgia Anne Muldrow tunes:

I believe iTUNES has her music available for download as well?

Oh yeah....U know I couldn't leave ya'll hangin, so......

DOWNLOAD the track "Larva" HERE!

Georgia Anne Muldrow's new full-length debut album titled, "Olesi: Fragments Of An Garth" will be dropping on August 22, 2006!


MosaicThump said...

Don't steal my thunder... I love Georgia Anne Muldrow!!!! You beat me to the punch on this one!!!!

Good Job!!!!!

SoundNexx said...

Mr. Thump - I tried to hold off as long as I could playa, but you were taking too long! ;)

Don't worry tho, there is plenty of thunder left to go around!