Monday, June 26, 2006

"Ring, Ring, Ring!" Remember the Native Tongues? Back in the late 80's and early 90's they were a force to reconed with in the hiphop game! Native Tongues consisted of: A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, The Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah & Monie Love. Busta Rhymes started to rock with the Tongues after his separation from The Leaders of The New School! How ever you look at it, this was definitely a dope rap crew full of talent. Over the years the crew has disbanded. A Tribe Called Quest was making much noise in the 90's, but they eventually broke up. I heard they were trying to make it happen again, but until then Q-Tip is dropping a new album hopefully at the end of the year? The Jungle Brothers have been missing in action for a few years too. Queen Latifah has given up rap for acting, and Monie went back to London? Busta's new album is just average in my opinion. I expected more from him! De La Soul seems to be the only original Native Tongue members that have remained consistant through the years?

Some folks may ask if De La Soul is still relevant in 2006? I say...most definitely? Why? Because groups like De La Soul gives everyone a true taste of what the golden era of hiphop is supposed to sound like! They stay true to their roots, but yet innovative and fresh with every release! As a honest fan of hiphop music, I can say that I have never been dissappointed with a De La Soul release. Those are big words, but I stand behind them! No, every De La Soul album is not a classic, but none are just plain garbage either! There are not many other rap artists I can say the same thing about.

Last year De La Soul dropped one my top 5 albums for 2005, "The Grind Date!" In 2006, they're back with a new mixtape release titled, "The Impossible: Mission Part 1," which drops on June 26, 2006. This project is full of new tracks and skits for your listening pleasure. The greatest thing about this mixtape CD is that there isn't some corny jaw-jackin underground DJ yelling all over the damn songs! Giving shoutouts to people that don't really exist and reminding everybody how exclusive each track is???? Hey, Mr. DJ...would you please shut yo azz up so we can hear the damn music!!!! Thanks! The Impossible: Mission Pt. 1 should give all you true De La Soul fans a nice dose of flava to hold everyone over until their next studio album release? They snatched beats from Waajeed, J Dilla and Diamond D to rhyme over, plus they drop some unreleased tracks from their earlier days as well! Don't miss out....!

I have linked a site to hear some samples of this CD for all you skeptics that like to hear stuff before you invest your greenbacks! I'm like that too, so I totally understand. Until next time...LOVE, PEACE & DE LA SOUL!!



MosaicThump said...

Hell Yeah!!!

That is what I am talkin' 'bout. I love the way you do your thing dog.

Grind Date is an instant classic; I can not get that CD out of my CD Changer LOL...


SoundNexx said...

Mr. Thump - I have been a fan of De La since "3 Feet High and Rising!" Folks been sleepin on my boyz for a minute, so I am glad they have dropped another mixtape! Yes, Grind Date is a definite classic that most people slept on like a bottle Nyquil! We have to keep preaching about real music so that the blind can finally see!

2 Peace!