Sunday, June 27, 2010

THE SOUL SYNC MIXX!Music is sounding real good right now! There are some great artists putting releasing some dope tracks for you and I to vibe to. I can't keep up with all of it, but I truly enjoy trying. My current joint the "Soul Sync Mixx" is full of hot artists worth checking for if you haven't already. Get your Google search on and check for the artists that you like. That's what it's all about truthfully. Music discovery. Spreading the word. Supporting the artists. Help keep quality music alive! Enjoy...

What's Playing:

1) Fred Joachim-Transistors 2)Ihsan Bilal/Cayan-Out of Mind 3)Jesse Boykins III-Chanel 4)Erykah Badu-Turn Me Away 5)Innosphere-MNU 6)CrossCountryCollective-Give It 2 Ya 7)PUDGE-Throw Ya Hands Up (Remix) 8)Roots/Blu/Phonte-The Day 9)Stopha Vasquez-Damn 10)Cruna-Higher 11)Darien Brockington/Yahzarah-Sacrafice 12)Esthero-Thank Heaven 4 U (FJ Remix) 13)Bilal-Free 14)Erik Rico-Everybody 15)Suff Daddy-Konnopke 16)Electric Wire Hustle-Perception 17)Elaquent/Slakah-Dancefloor (Remix) 18)Muhsinah-That Day 19)Tony O/AB-What Would You Say 20-Green Street-Spread Love 21)Zo/Sy Smith-Weapon of All Time 22)N'Dambi-Insecurity


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Being a blogger that promotes a lot of independent and underground artists, I get tons of tunes sent to me from musicians on the come up. It's a gift and curse because sometimes I have to tell artists that I am not feeling their music enough to post about it. I don't enjoy saying those things, but being honest is important to me. I am a music fan first, so when I get some new music that is hot, it's truly a gift. A perfect example would be this hip-hop crew called Green Street that I just discovered recently. The producer of the group (Renaissance) hit me up on Twitter, and emailed me their album 'Crossroads' to check out. Once I put ears on the song "International Geographic" (Track 2) I knew that this was definitely my kind of hip-hop music. The production is dope and lyrical content by emcees Soupa and A-Live is solid! They have good chemistry together like two of my favorite groups Strange Fruit Project and Little Brother. I have kept this joint in heavy rotation ever since I downloaded it.

Now, it's time for you to get familiar with this talented group. The album is available for free download at GREEN STREET BANDCAMP so don't hesitate.

Check out their other websites to learn more about the group:

Shoutout to Renaissance for supporting the SoundNexx movement!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Stones Throw (everyone's favorite underground record label) recently released some remixed Guilty Simpson joints for the fans. "Ghettodes" is what they called it. The dopest part about this compilation is that each track was remixed with tender-loving care by the loop genius Oh No (Madlib's younger brother). Obviously, music runs through the veins of their family, and Guilty is lucky to have such creative dudes handling his production.

There are a total of 14 tracks of street rhymes on this joint, so don't hesitate downloading it if you like your hip-hop rugged and raw.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Detroit is definitely in the e-building. This is a dope clip for fans of real hip-hop freestyles. Alchemist is handling the DJ duties while Mr. Porter (D12), Royce 5'9 (Slaughterhouse) and Slim Shady drop hot verses for over 8 minutes! I hope this is sign that Eminem and Royce are considering resurrecting their "Bad Meets Evil" collaboration. If you don't know about BME, Google it. Now, put eyes and ears on the clip...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

ZO! & THE MUSICAL SUNSTORM!I have been a Zo! fan ever since I discovered his first instrumental debut "Elevation Release" at a local "mom & pop" record store around the way. Remember those? He uses a lot of live instrumentation in his production, which gives it that smooth vibe that we've all come to know and love. He is definitely in my Top 5 list for my favorite producers from Detroit. The dude is really nice on the boards, so if you are still sleeping have a nightmare and wake up!

Zo! is part of the Foreign Exchange movement, so if you catch them on tour he'll be on stage playing the keyboards. He is also signed to the Foreign Exchange label, which is where Yahzarah, Darien Brockington, Nicolay and Phonte call home. Nothing but good music is coming out of that camp. Zo! will be adding another hot joint to the F.E. movement on July 27th. It's called "Sunstorm" and the line-up of vocalists on this album is RIDICULOUS!

Sunstorm Tracklisting:

01. Greater Than The Sun feat. Phonte
02. Greatest Weapon Of All Time feat. Sy Smith
03. Say How You Feel feat. Carlitta Durand & Phonte
04. For Leslie
05. Be Your Man feat. Darien Brockington
06. Free Your Mind feat. Lady Alma
07. SunStorm feat. YahZarah
08. If I Could Tell You No feat. Jesse Boykins III
09. This Could Be The Night feat. Eric Roberson, Darien Brockington & Rapper Big Pooh
10. Flight Of The Blackbyrd feat. Phonte
11. All Is Well With Love feat. Chantae Cann
12. Make Luv 2 Me feat. Monica Blaire

All of the production is handled by Zo!

Below is a clip of Zo! on the keyboards. Can you guess song he's playing??

For true music scholars it should be easy to figure out...

Monday, June 07, 2010

I have always been a fan of the legendary Nat King Cole. His music is timeless, and Christmas just ain't Christmas with Nat's carols playing in the background. So, when I stumbled upon the Brooklyn vocalist Gregory Porter recently who definitely reminds me of a young Mr. Cole. His heartfelt vocals are poetic. As a youth Gregory discovered Nat King Cole by playing his mother's records. It's obvious that the legend influenced him tremendously, and that's where he discovered his love for music. Gregory’s passion and commitment to expressing himself through music has remained strong, and he has developed a distinct style that ranges from jazz, funk, R&B, blues and gospel – one that is soulful while still maintaining the elegance he learned from his earlier influences.

Below is a glimpse of the man doing his thing:

Gregory Porter released his debut album "Water" earlier this year, so if you are looking for some music with a mellow jazzy vibe this will probably fit the bill. This project is vocally driven, so don't expect any overpowering production or guest rappers. Give it a listen because you just might like it.

Checkout the "Water" album by clicking HERE

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Ready for some more quality music to fill your MP3 player? I know that's a silly question, especially if you frequent this blog. This joint this week is called the "Triple F.A.T. Soul" mixx because it's showcasing soulful katz and kittenz like: Bilal, Adwele, Yahzarah, Jassanova, Raheem, Jneiro Jarel, Vik Duplaix, Seek, Erro, Miles Bonny, Melanie, Kissey Asplund, Leela J, AB, Musiq, N'dambi and Green Tea. There are a couple of other worthy artists and joints on here as well, so put ears on it when time permits. There is a little something for everyone on this one.

On a side note, I have gotten several emails asking if SoundNexx is a team of people that keep this blog running. I guess the answer is yes. It's ME, MYSELF and I that handles everything you see and here. SoundNexx is a HE, not a WE...

To all of my "Grown Folks" out there, be sure to get a taste of Choklate before you exit the e-building below.

That is all!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

I'm glad the wait if finally over. It has been about 6 years since we gotten some new material from this soul singer. Her name is Carmen Rodgers and she's a Dallas native that should be on your radar. I still remember when my good friend Honeysoul turned me onto her debut album "Free" back in 2004. That joint stayed in heavy rotation for many months in my vehicle. I really dug Carmen's vocals along with her adult contemporary themes dealing with love and relationships. Well, Carmen is back with a new music EP entitled "The Bitter Suite" for the fans. There 5 full songs and 4 interludes on this project. It's definitely more of that soulful goodness we have come to expect from Mrs. Rodgers. Consider this an appetizer before the main course, which is the full-length sophomore album "Intermission" that drops on June 22nd.

Checkout this informative interview with Carmen Rodgers:

Get "The Bitter Suite" EP by clicking HERE or THERE!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

My dude Dwele. The "Want World Women" album. June 29, 2010. Mark your calendars!

That is all!!