Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Being a blogger that promotes a lot of independent and underground artists, I get tons of tunes sent to me from musicians on the come up. It's a gift and curse because sometimes I have to tell artists that I am not feeling their music enough to post about it. I don't enjoy saying those things, but being honest is important to me. I am a music fan first, so when I get some new music that is hot, it's truly a gift. A perfect example would be this hip-hop crew called Green Street that I just discovered recently. The producer of the group (Renaissance) hit me up on Twitter, and emailed me their album 'Crossroads' to check out. Once I put ears on the song "International Geographic" (Track 2) I knew that this was definitely my kind of hip-hop music. The production is dope and lyrical content by emcees Soupa and A-Live is solid! They have good chemistry together like two of my favorite groups Strange Fruit Project and Little Brother. I have kept this joint in heavy rotation ever since I downloaded it.

Now, it's time for you to get familiar with this talented group. The album is available for free download at GREEN STREET BANDCAMP so don't hesitate.

Check out their other websites to learn more about the group:



Shoutout to Renaissance for supporting the SoundNexx movement!

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