Sunday, June 27, 2010

THE SOUL SYNC MIXX!Music is sounding real good right now! There are some great artists putting releasing some dope tracks for you and I to vibe to. I can't keep up with all of it, but I truly enjoy trying. My current joint the "Soul Sync Mixx" is full of hot artists worth checking for if you haven't already. Get your Google search on and check for the artists that you like. That's what it's all about truthfully. Music discovery. Spreading the word. Supporting the artists. Help keep quality music alive! Enjoy...

What's Playing:

1) Fred Joachim-Transistors 2)Ihsan Bilal/Cayan-Out of Mind 3)Jesse Boykins III-Chanel 4)Erykah Badu-Turn Me Away 5)Innosphere-MNU 6)CrossCountryCollective-Give It 2 Ya 7)PUDGE-Throw Ya Hands Up (Remix) 8)Roots/Blu/Phonte-The Day 9)Stopha Vasquez-Damn 10)Cruna-Higher 11)Darien Brockington/Yahzarah-Sacrafice 12)Esthero-Thank Heaven 4 U (FJ Remix) 13)Bilal-Free 14)Erik Rico-Everybody 15)Suff Daddy-Konnopke 16)Electric Wire Hustle-Perception 17)Elaquent/Slakah-Dancefloor (Remix) 18)Muhsinah-That Day 19)Tony O/AB-What Would You Say 20-Green Street-Spread Love 21)Zo/Sy Smith-Weapon of All Time 22)N'Dambi-Insecurity


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