Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rap music has plenty of choices in 2008 for the average listener, but since I'm older and wiser now I am very careful about what I expose my delicate ears too. I have debates atleast twice a week about what albums are supposed to be hot or not. The reality is, it's all about personal choice and preference, and I'm cool with that. Are you? Well, my personal choice of the week is a kat reppin' New Jersey that goes by the name 8thW1. I came across this kat a minute ago, but I didn't really give his tracks a real listen until recently. I finally put ears on 8th's debut album entitled "Lovemoneyandmusic" and I must say that I definitely dug it! It's full of catchy production and hooks. It's a fun album that reminds me of the good old days of rap artists like UMCs and Little Shawn. None of that excessive gun talk, smelling testicles or rap beefs present on this joint, which works for me. I know after peeping 8th's photo you are probably thinking that he's a Kanye West clone of some sort, but don't get it twisted. Dude has his own vibe, which is pretty dope even though he's wearing that Little Red Riding Hood jacket...

Don't take my word for it though. Listen to the album yourselves by clicking the link below:


Then check his myspace page:

This has been on my mind for a minute, so I thought I'd finally post about it and possibly get a little feedback. If you have been listening to music for more than five years, you should definitely be able to relate to this topic. Personally, I listen to entirely TOO MUCH music for one person, but it's my addiction and have accepted that fact. Even though the range of music flavors that I truly enjoy is all over the lyrical map, one thing is common amongst all of my favorite artists. I normally like an artists' earlier work better than their later releases. There are some exceptions to this statement, but in MOST cases the statement remains accurate. The reason why is simple. During an artists' debut they are usually pretty raw. Raw imagery, lyrics, production, etc. In the beginning they are pretty much music fans with a talent that have decided to share it with the world in hopes of making a name for themselves. The same person that made that dope music using cheap equipment in their mother's basement is normally the person you'll hear on their first album. It might be low-budget in sound quality or whatever, but it's basically raw and full of untampered experession.
If the debut album does well enough to warrant a second album it can go either way when it comes to the overall sound and expression of that project. Most times, the labels will try to get more involved in the artist's sound, song choices and overall style in hopes of making more money for the company. Artistic integrity is normally put on the shelf for more of a mainstream crossover feel in many cases. This is what I consider being polished! If this doesn't happen on the second album, it will more than likely happen if there is a third album. In some instances this can be a good thing for an artist, but in most cases it sucks for me as a fan because their original sound is usually totally revamped. Remember, this is that same sound that made fans like these artists in the first place. I don't mind growth in an artist, but if they flip to a different sound all together, fans may not like them anymore. How many artists can you think of that you loved their first album to death, but the second, third and fourth albums were hot trash?

In most cases that best albums from any artist are the first and second joints. After that it's hit or miss for the most part. I like it better when artists stay raw and unpolished personally. You can get better at your craft while staying true to your roots. Yes, be a better writer, producer, singer, etc., but remain true to your craft and avoid selling your soul for a quick buck. Otherwise, you are putting your career in serious jeopardy. When artists have gone too far left artistically and their careers have begun to suffer because their original fans have jumped ship, they eventually start trying to take it back to the good old days. No matter how much they try to bring back that debut album flavor, it never quite makes the same impact. It's almost like they trying to carbon-copy their former selves, which is worse than just remaining polished with the gimmicks. Sadly, true fans remain stuck in the past comparing everything new to that original classic that will never happen again. After a while rather than buy the newest releases, fans sometimes feel more comfortable just pulling out their old beat up and scratched album classics. It becomes like comfort food eventually, and sooner than later nothing on the new menu tastes as good as the original stuff.
You can have that over-processed and over-cooked garbage. I'm like ODB when it comes to music..."Oooow babie, I like it RAW!!"
Is it me or is 9th's sound changing a lotta bit? I am a major fan of Mr. Wondra, but I will admit that his new joint with Buckshot is not really moving me. The beats this time around are missing something. I actually expected better, but I haven't given up just yet...

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Just after posting about that R. Kelly debacle, I'm checking my large amount of unopened emails and I find this MP3 sitting in my inbox. I get lots of music sent my way fortunately, but this song has to be one of the stupidest (is that a word) songs that I've encounter in a while. The last three crap-rap songs I can remember that pushed my buttons this much were "Your Momma's On Crack Rock"~"My Baby's Daddy" & "The Whisper Song!" Now, they've done it again with this new track overflowing with genuine ignorance called "Smell Yo D*ck," which is self-explanatory. I hit Youtubage up for a video of the mess, and look what popped up:

Riskay ft Aviance

I was recently over at Soulbounce reading the 25 reasons why music is going to hell in a hand basket, and this mess has to be number 26 for sure! I couldn't tolerate watching the whole video, so someone is going to have to tell me how it ends...

My day was going just great UNTIL I came across this silly azz music video. Truthfully, Mr. Kelly and I haven't been friends musically in a very long time due to the psycho-thugnificent persona that he's chosen to incorporate into his act over the last few years. My guess is that he's given up on the adult listeners and has chosen to go after the kids (yes, pun intended dammit)! Not only is the lyrics of the song wack-a-licious, the visuals are straight boring, except when he's dressed up like Goldie Locks the fake black Rapunzel. If something stinks in here, it's probably this:

R. Kelly - Hairbraider

Tell me that wasn't a wack rendition of You Remind Me of Something!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Show me one person that loves to party-hardy, and I'll show you five people that enjoy relaxing and getting their chill on. If you haven't realized, dancing can be a very dangerous activity. I know plenty of people that have twisted their ankle or pulled a groin muscle getting their serious boogie on. Plus, I read in a Playboy Magazine article that too much dancing can cause accelerated athlete's foot. Those things could ever happen while in the safer chill mode. I put this joint together for my simulated Spring cleaning episodes around the crib, so I decided to share this chumpy with you downloading music professionals out there. Even though this mixx was created to be played on Sunday afternoons, feel free to play it whenever you want to get some stuff done around your way. This is perfect background music as well...


01~Bob James>Rain
02~Michael Franks>Amazon
03~10cc>I'm Not In Love
04~Lionel Richie>Love Will Find Away
05~N'Dambi>Lonely Woman
06~Al Green ft. John Legend>Stay With Me By The Sea
07~Pete Belasco>Love Train
08~Noel Zancanella>Lovely
09~Plantlife>Fool For U
11~Najee>Betcha Don't Know
12~Shaun Escouffery>She's Gone
13~Azur ft. D'Angelo>Love Is So Cold
14~Stevie Wonder>As
15~The Winans ft. Anita Baker>No Need To Worry
16~Vikter Duplaix ft. Ms. Saigon>Stimulation
17~Phyllis Hyman>Living All Alone

My dude Mo of MosaicThump is at it again bringing some of the best soul based live shows to Detroit for soul fans to appreciate. A true fan at heart, Mo understands that independent artists of this nature need support, so he provides them with an avenue to showcase their talent. On May 30th, Eric Roberson and special guest Carol Riddick will be in town for this special soulful event. If you live in or near the Detroit area, I suggest that you try and be there. Eric Roberson puts on a helluva show each and everytime he hits the stage, so if you've never seen him live here's your chance. Even though I have never seen Carol Riddick live, I am definitely a fan of her music. Plus, she's easy on the eyes. I know I will be there, but the real question is...will you??

Yo Mo, save me seat near the stage playboy! You know I likes to see a woman's eyes when she sings to me...




Since, most of you already know about Erro if you've been coming to this blog for any length of time, I have decided to give Ms. Riddick a little shine for your visual and listening pleasure...

Monday, April 21, 2008

As I was crate digging through my collection of goodies the other day, I came across this gem! It's been a minute since I dug this joint out from the archives, so I definitely took this baby for a spin in the CD player. This album is still just as dope as I remember. "Here To Save You All" was definitely one of my favorite albums in 1996, and Chino XL is one of my favorite emcees from the the 90s, period! Dude had the whole package, but it seemed like some hip-hop fans couldn't digest what Chino was serving. I guess his raw/over the top name bashing combined with his lung collapsing delivery was too much for the average listeners back in the day. Not this listener though. My ears enjoyed breaking down his complex lyrics to gain the true unmasking of his several subliminals aimed at the heads of our favorite rappers of that time. If you were under a rock or still pissing in the bed when this joint dropped, remember it's never too late to kopp a classic. You need this one in your collection...

Here are some tracks for inspiration:

Chino XL - Complex

Chino XL - Freestyle Rhymes

Chino XL - Waiting To Exhale

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I can easily say that outside of the dope music video selections, bootlegs of television show episodes and vintage movie clips, Youtube is full of useless crap! But, every now and then I come across a piece of footage that's worth its weight in hollow copper coins. Today, I have brought you one of those rare pieces of footage. After watching this clip I realized that you can't let anything stop you from living your dreams no matter how impossible they are. Just because you've had your fingers chopped off during a freak accident, doesn't mean that you can never become a great pianist. So what if don't you have any feet, you can still play a game of kickball if you want to, right? The point is don't let minor obstacles stand in the way of your dreams dammit, and this video clip just brings that point home...

This clip was brought to my attention by my dude PD, so peep it out for yourselves...

Who do you think REALLY won?

Monday, April 14, 2008

01=Solution-Divergence Intro
02=Estelle ft. John Legend - You Are
03=Mariah Carey - I'll Be Lovin U Long Time
04=Janet Jackson - Luv
05=Musiq ft. Bilal - Dontstop
06=Plantlife - Rollerskating Jam
07=HOC ft. OlivierDaySoul - BopGunn
08=Eric Roberson - Butterfly Girl
09=Wayna - Home
10=Conya Doss - Ride
11=Guilty Simpson ft. Mr. Porter - Kinda Live
12=Kissey Asplund - Syntax Error
13=Adriana Evans - In The Sun
14=Sy Smith - Fly Away With Me
15=BlackSpade - Her Perfume She Wore
16=Estelle ft. Cee-Lo - Pretty Please
17=John Legend ft. Lauryn Hill - So High (Remix)
18=Moon Baker - Something Sweet (Nic Oldschool Remix)
19=James Pants - Kash
20=Sergio ft. Ledisi - Water of March
Every once in a while an artist will come around that changes the way you think and feel about music. Back in 2004 that artist was Jack Splash from the group Plantlife. When I first came across Plantlife's debut album "The Return of Jack Splash" at the local record store I didn't really know what I had. I purchased that joint on shear faith that it would be something special, and it was even better than I expected. Jack Splash literally had a FuNkY FrEsH sound unlike any other. It was like the soundtrack to a 70's blacksploitation hip-hop movie. I kept it in rotation for months turning other heads onto what I had found. Honestly, everybody wasn't feeling it as much as I was, but that was expected. I have been waiting for another Plantlife album since 1994, and it has finally arrived...

The new joint is entitled "Time Traveler" and it basically starts off where the first album ended. Jack hasn't lost a step, which is good to hear. I might dare to say that some of these tracks were made during the creation of the first album? I believe in releasing all of the material that you have to public. Music is no good to anyone sitting on the shelf collecting dust. One thing is for sure, if you liked the first album you'll damn sure dig their second joint. If you have never heard a Plantlife record in your life, I am giving you the chance today! I am posting a joint below for you folks to check out, so you can hear the high school gym locker room like funky freshness for yourselves. You know that unique mixture of speed stick deodorant and sweaty feet! Here is my advice to first time Plantlife listeners. Don't expect anything and just let the music. I know looking at the picture above you may have made some prejudgments on my dude Jack Splash, but put that all behind you and get on board...

Plantlife - Your Love

Are you diggin' it or what???

Friday, April 11, 2008

Remember back in the day when Robert Kelly rolled with Public Announcement, and sang songs like "Honey Love" and "Vibe?" He blew up and then things slowly began to fall apart in the background. Yes, he could still make a hit record, but as the years went on he seemed to change from the guy we knew in the beginning. Then the infamous sex videos leaked onto the internet and that basically put a nasty taste in everyone's mouth. It was bad enough that he performed these acts and filmed them for future viewing, but he ruined his career in my eyes when he lied to his fans. Trying to make us believe that the gentleman in the videos wasn't him was a terrible mistake. I hate being lied 2! Then he went from a R&B singer to a R&B thug to a ghetto preacher to a hustle instructor. Now, he's a The Ghetto Goldie Locks for 2008! Why a grown ass man would color his hair gold and then add long ass extention braids to match is beyond my comprehension. Rumor has it that this litte early Halloween getup Kels is sporting is for his upcoming role as Spanky Goldentine in the upcoming movie remake called "The Wiz He Iz 2009!" It's supposed to be an updated spin on the 1970's Quincy Jones and Diana Ross version called "The Wiz!" It will hopefully hit the big screen in Fall of 2009? Other members of this allstar cast include singer Jaheim as the Cowardly Lion, Nick Canon as the Scarecrow, Wanda Sykes as the Fairy Godmama and Kelly Rowlands as Dorothy.

I know you are just as excited about this movie as I am, as well as you should be dammit! I see CLASSIC written all over this flick...

Peep the vintage footage that inspired this whole R. Kelly transformation:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who's got the funk, we got the funk...I'm gonna make if funky for you! Seems like back in the day everybody prided themselves on being the funkiest from Rick James to Parliment-Funkadelic! Funk had its place in the good ole' days of live instrumentation, but these days the closest we've had is the G-Funk era, which was pioneered by Warren G. Nah, let me stop telling the truth, because funk is still alive and well, and next up to bat is my dude OlivierDaySoul. ODS is hails from D.C., which just happens to the hometown of many of my favorite artists in the business right now like Wes, Wayna, Kev and many others. Olivier has a funky, funky sound, and it's very similiar to that Platinum Pied Pipers flavor with a smidget of vintage Prince. The funniest thing about this kat is that he truly sounds like Rick James on some of his tracks. It's effortless, so I am assuming that his sound is natural and not some gimmick type trickery like T-Painful? Olivier's funky fresh futuristic space has arrived, so get on board (no Great Space Coaster)...

Olivier is doing his thing right now. I have heard his voice on several tracks from hip-hop to soul, bringing that funky gym sock funk vibe to every track. Mr. DaySoul recently dropped his musical experience entitled "Brain" to funk up your life a little bit. If you are looking for something funky fresh for the Spring season, this will be a good place to start. Trying to describe this project would be unfair, because it's not one of those simple albums that can be put into a two sentence breakdown. With each listen I hear something new that I missed the previous times. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think about it. Then checkout his forthcoming album entitled "Kilowatt" that will be released in May of 2008, but it currently available via iTunes right now!

To hear some sounds from this man, check out his myspace page:


Then I dare you to tell me that he isn't funky enough for you!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Who doesn't know about the superduo that call themselves J*Davey by now? I mean seriously, it's 2008 dammit! If you consider yourself a true soul music lover and you've somehow missed the J*Davey train then I suggest you toss your soul music VIP card in the toilet and hit the metal handle. Even though their musical career has not been the best as far as getting the promotion they deserve, and the dreadful delay of their official album release, they have still managed to become underground stars. Touring like mad people and selling out venues all of the world have put their name on the tip of everyone's tongue. Both Jack and Brook are cool ass hell in person, so it's easy to become a fan of their movement for that fact alone, but thankfully their music is the sh*t as well!

The majority of their music hard to come by in most cases unless you hit up one of their live concerts. There is another wonderful place that we all dwell called the internet that is a useful tool for accessing their stuff as well. Just last year they dropped their latest compilation "The Land of The Lost!" This is prelude to their official Warner Brothers album release supposedly hitting the streets at the end of the year. For some reason I thought everybody was aware of this joint, so I didn't even post about it. Over the last few months kats and kittens have been asking me about some of the tracks off of the compilation. You know those what, when, where and how type questions that we all know and love. So, instead of answering a bunch of emails, I decided to do a post about it and help the folks that are lost.

This post is like a game for those want to find the treasure. If you missed this joint the first time around, here's your chance to get it. The game is called LOST & FIND! Basically, the rules are simple. I LOST it, and U have to find it...

Hit J*Davey's myspace page here:


Then check this one too:


Get to know J*Davey with Gakcity

J*Davey - Lazy Daze (Live)

Monday, April 07, 2008

While everyone else seems to be going that way, I always seem to go in the opposite direction. That's because there's normally not enough room for everyone to travel comfortably going in the same direction, plus I don't particularly like crowds. The same approach is taken when I make my music choices in many cases. I have been accused in the past of going off the beaten pathe just because I just want to be different? No, sumuma-biyatch that's not it at all, I just know what I like! Just like this hip Swedish babe named Kissey Asplund. I really LIKE her! She's bringing her own brand of sound to our ears with a mixture of electronica, funk and soul. I have to thank my dude Synflood for turning me on to this talented young lady. Her off the wall, yet catchy formula to music making is unconsciously addictive. In the same way that the cult like following has developed for other diverse artists like J-Davey and Janelle Monae. Once you get a taste of their sound it's hard to turn it off. On a side note...if you have been keeping your ears on strick diet of only regurgitated mainstream urban trash radio for the last few years, artists like Kissey and Jack Davey will probably taste like a fresh fart in the air. Don't let that discourage you though, because this fart smells like fresh roses after a few sniffs.

Fortunately, Kissey has a lot of music under her dress for fans to put their ears on in the form of EPs and guest appearances. Unfortunately, if you don't live in or near Sweden most of it is not readily available to folks with no motivation. The best news of the month is that Kissey is releasing the debut album entitled "Plethora" at the end of April 2008. It's available on iTunes now for you impatient suckas like myself. I'm digging this joint severely right now. The album is full of original concepts with dope vocals over tight production. I'm sold on Kissey Asplund and you just might be too! Regardless, try to support good music and the artists that you like, so they can keep making the music that you love. Phuck what you heard up to this point. These artists NEED your support financially, not just the words that you type on somebody's blog talking about how dope they are...

Peep her myspace spot:


Check these videos too:

Friday, April 04, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I had a music reality check! I stopped through one of my favorite mom-n-pop record stores around the way the other day called Record Time (Ferndale) to get laced, and one my fav store reps crashed my world by telling me that they were closing up shop! Basically, the shitty economy, bootlegging, legal digital downloads and high rent was too much to compete with. I know some of you reading this are thinking this is not a big deal in 2008. Who still needs records stores of this nature, right? Wrong! A lot of the music that I have been sharing on this site that has fattened up your listening experience for the last 2 years is from music purchases and discussions that transpired in that store. Stores like these are more than just a place to purchase music. It's a place where music talents, lovers and conoisseurs come together as one. A haven of vinyl and import CD perusing for hidden gems and future flavors. Nope, none of that Best Buy/Circuit City BS $9.99 CD zombie type shopping at Record Time my friend. They kept that hard to find stuff that most stores only dreamed about. I miss that store already! What the phuck am I gonna do now? (c) Puff Daddy...
If you have a store that serves as a major music source, support it as much as you can. I'm no fool though. I am a realist, so I know that music distribution and purchasing has and will continue to change. Digital is the now and future, so either get with it or get left behind. As much as I love digital, I still enjoy putting my hands on a CD or vinyl record as well. I hope the future will allow us to have both actually. That'll never happen though. That would be like having 8 track tapes and CDs for sale on the same store shelves. Mission impossible, plus that doesn't sound like that great of a business move for the record labels.
*Throws the infamous e-bird at the computer screen for the closing of the best record store around*
With that being said and done, this latest mixx is dedicated to my dudes at Record Time. It's full of soul artists that I originally discovered in that store. The "SavMySoul Mixx" is what I call it, so check it out when you get some time.
01-SavMySoulful Intro
02-Geneva & J Bird - No Me
03-Ayah - I Reminsce
04-Monica Blaire - Music
05-Soul I.D. - Even Though
06-Jon B ft. Nas - Interlude/Finer Things
07-Sy Smith - B Side Love Affair
08-Mary J. Blige ft. Usher - Shake Down (DJ 76 Mix)
09-The LuvBugz - Sunny Days
10-Iziz - Blush
11-Bilal - MILF
12-Conya Doss - It's Over
13-Reel People - It Will Be
14-Taniq - Breakin' The Rules
15-Heavy - Dontsaygnight

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

There are soul singers that definitely do their thing pretty well, but then there are those like Sy Smith that have own lane going in the opposite direction. Sadly, Sy is not a household name when most folks think of soul music, but she definitely should be. I first discovered this hot young lady back in 2004 when she dropped some album saving vocals on Ali Shaheed's mediocre "Shaheedullah and Stereotypes" solo project. So, when she dropped her second joint "The SyberSpace Social" I was all over that for sure. That album had definitely it's own unique sound. It had a spacey type soulful feel with a twist of funky vibrations. After hearing that joint, I immediately became a Sy-ber Souldier! I've been supporting her ever since. When I finally met her in person a couple of years back, she was just as beautiful on the inside as she looks on the outside. She's a true talent reppin' that D.C. sound. These are the kind of artists that need and deserve your support if you are a true soul music lover.
Speaking of showing some support, Ms. Smith has just released her third (some say fourth) album entitled "Conflict!" I think this joint is her most well rounded project to date. It definitely shows some growth, without losing focus of that originality that makes her different from the rest. Personally, I'm really digging the production and her vocals, so there's no CONFLICT over here. Actually, if you have never heard any Sy Smith music up to this point, her latest album may be a good place to start getting to know her. If you like this one then you should go back and check out some of her earlier work. I don't believe in buying music blindly in 2008. I try to listen to everything before I spend my hard earned greenbacks for it, and you should too. So, put your ears on snippets of the "Conflict" album here:
Checkout these two tracks:
Then hit her up at:

Now, peep this...

Sy Smith ft. Wes Felton - Reach Down (Video)