Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Who doesn't know about the superduo that call themselves J*Davey by now? I mean seriously, it's 2008 dammit! If you consider yourself a true soul music lover and you've somehow missed the J*Davey train then I suggest you toss your soul music VIP card in the toilet and hit the metal handle. Even though their musical career has not been the best as far as getting the promotion they deserve, and the dreadful delay of their official album release, they have still managed to become underground stars. Touring like mad people and selling out venues all of the world have put their name on the tip of everyone's tongue. Both Jack and Brook are cool ass hell in person, so it's easy to become a fan of their movement for that fact alone, but thankfully their music is the sh*t as well!

The majority of their music hard to come by in most cases unless you hit up one of their live concerts. There is another wonderful place that we all dwell called the internet that is a useful tool for accessing their stuff as well. Just last year they dropped their latest compilation "The Land of The Lost!" This is prelude to their official Warner Brothers album release supposedly hitting the streets at the end of the year. For some reason I thought everybody was aware of this joint, so I didn't even post about it. Over the last few months kats and kittens have been asking me about some of the tracks off of the compilation. You know those what, when, where and how type questions that we all know and love. So, instead of answering a bunch of emails, I decided to do a post about it and help the folks that are lost.

This post is like a game for those want to find the treasure. If you missed this joint the first time around, here's your chance to get it. The game is called LOST & FIND! Basically, the rules are simple. I LOST it, and U have to find it...

Hit J*Davey's myspace page here:


Then check this one too:


Get to know J*Davey with Gakcity

J*Davey - Lazy Daze (Live)

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ThaReelTruth said...

Thanks Nexx! I found your hidden treasure homey. It took me a minute to figure it out and it was worth the effort because I totally missed this gem.

As always, great post fam.