Friday, April 04, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I had a music reality check! I stopped through one of my favorite mom-n-pop record stores around the way the other day called Record Time (Ferndale) to get laced, and one my fav store reps crashed my world by telling me that they were closing up shop! Basically, the shitty economy, bootlegging, legal digital downloads and high rent was too much to compete with. I know some of you reading this are thinking this is not a big deal in 2008. Who still needs records stores of this nature, right? Wrong! A lot of the music that I have been sharing on this site that has fattened up your listening experience for the last 2 years is from music purchases and discussions that transpired in that store. Stores like these are more than just a place to purchase music. It's a place where music talents, lovers and conoisseurs come together as one. A haven of vinyl and import CD perusing for hidden gems and future flavors. Nope, none of that Best Buy/Circuit City BS $9.99 CD zombie type shopping at Record Time my friend. They kept that hard to find stuff that most stores only dreamed about. I miss that store already! What the phuck am I gonna do now? (c) Puff Daddy...
If you have a store that serves as a major music source, support it as much as you can. I'm no fool though. I am a realist, so I know that music distribution and purchasing has and will continue to change. Digital is the now and future, so either get with it or get left behind. As much as I love digital, I still enjoy putting my hands on a CD or vinyl record as well. I hope the future will allow us to have both actually. That'll never happen though. That would be like having 8 track tapes and CDs for sale on the same store shelves. Mission impossible, plus that doesn't sound like that great of a business move for the record labels.
*Throws the infamous e-bird at the computer screen for the closing of the best record store around*
With that being said and done, this latest mixx is dedicated to my dudes at Record Time. It's full of soul artists that I originally discovered in that store. The "SavMySoul Mixx" is what I call it, so check it out when you get some time.
01-SavMySoulful Intro
02-Geneva & J Bird - No Me
03-Ayah - I Reminsce
04-Monica Blaire - Music
05-Soul I.D. - Even Though
06-Jon B ft. Nas - Interlude/Finer Things
07-Sy Smith - B Side Love Affair
08-Mary J. Blige ft. Usher - Shake Down (DJ 76 Mix)
09-The LuvBugz - Sunny Days
10-Iziz - Blush
11-Bilal - MILF
12-Conya Doss - It's Over
13-Reel People - It Will Be
14-Taniq - Breakin' The Rules
15-Heavy - Dontsaygnight


kurt gobang da2nd said...

it's funny you mention that. eskay posted this video with guilty simpson and black milk giving a tour of some spots in detroit, and one of the spots milk took them (well, us) to was record time. now the thing that i didn't like was... ok, this is really weird, but every time someone gets shine that they either haven't had for years or some odd (to me) place or person gets 15 minutes of fame, something bad ALWAYS happens (i.e. rick james. i'm not even going to list the rest). and i got that same feeling when i saw record time. that sucks, man. i'm from new york and living in atlanta. i JUST found a spot here that somewhat similiar to record time as far as selling independent cds. prior to that, my cd purchases were limited to best buy, and i am FAR from a mainstream listener so you know i haven't made too many purchases. i think i only bought maybe 4-5 cds last year. very sad. but then again, what does that say about the state of mainstream music? but that's another subject...

anyway, i feel your pain BUT there may be positive for the both of you (you and record time). i always felt that when life give you lemons, i think you know the rest. anyway, there was this record spot that i used to go to on the regular for independant hip hop 12"s (he also sold THE hottest club 12"s before they were hot). anyway, he saw the whole internet takeover coming (this was around 2002-2004) and closed his store out of the blue. this pissed off a hell of a lot of local dj's who basically made their living off of the records from his store (partly because dude had the exclusives, but mainly because they were buttheads who were on some "i'm not going to new york for club records. new jersey is the mecca of club music". very wrong, but whatever). a month later all of his regulars (including me! yay!) received postcards saying that he started selling his records online. it actually was a better deal for him for a while because now he was getting business from cats all over the country who only were able to get records from him when they happened to be in town (prior to the onlin store, he was trying to hear sending records through snail mail). maybe you can slide that idea to the guys at record time. just make sure they don't dip off and start selling crazy stuff no one listens to because they heard that it was going to be the "music of the future" and end up shutting down again like the guy i just mentioned. all may not be lost. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

kurt GoBang da2nd said...

oh yeah, not to say that it's just a matter of getting records. nothing can ever replace the experience of going to the store and chatting it up with the guys that work there and other music heads you randomly run into there (which IMO is just as valuable, if not more). it just sucks that outside of blogs like this, spots where you'd meet up with cats that you can build with face to face are closing up...

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Kurt - All is not lost for Record Time because they have a second store that remains open. It's different from the original, but it's better than nothing, right!

Honestly, blogs and forums are the new record stores, except most of the visitors don't pay for shit..LOL!