Monday, April 14, 2008

Every once in a while an artist will come around that changes the way you think and feel about music. Back in 2004 that artist was Jack Splash from the group Plantlife. When I first came across Plantlife's debut album "The Return of Jack Splash" at the local record store I didn't really know what I had. I purchased that joint on shear faith that it would be something special, and it was even better than I expected. Jack Splash literally had a FuNkY FrEsH sound unlike any other. It was like the soundtrack to a 70's blacksploitation hip-hop movie. I kept it in rotation for months turning other heads onto what I had found. Honestly, everybody wasn't feeling it as much as I was, but that was expected. I have been waiting for another Plantlife album since 1994, and it has finally arrived...

The new joint is entitled "Time Traveler" and it basically starts off where the first album ended. Jack hasn't lost a step, which is good to hear. I might dare to say that some of these tracks were made during the creation of the first album? I believe in releasing all of the material that you have to public. Music is no good to anyone sitting on the shelf collecting dust. One thing is for sure, if you liked the first album you'll damn sure dig their second joint. If you have never heard a Plantlife record in your life, I am giving you the chance today! I am posting a joint below for you folks to check out, so you can hear the high school gym locker room like funky freshness for yourselves. You know that unique mixture of speed stick deodorant and sweaty feet! Here is my advice to first time Plantlife listeners. Don't expect anything and just let the music. I know looking at the picture above you may have made some prejudgments on my dude Jack Splash, but put that all behind you and get on board...

Plantlife - Your Love

Are you diggin' it or what???

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