Monday, April 21, 2008

As I was crate digging through my collection of goodies the other day, I came across this gem! It's been a minute since I dug this joint out from the archives, so I definitely took this baby for a spin in the CD player. This album is still just as dope as I remember. "Here To Save You All" was definitely one of my favorite albums in 1996, and Chino XL is one of my favorite emcees from the the 90s, period! Dude had the whole package, but it seemed like some hip-hop fans couldn't digest what Chino was serving. I guess his raw/over the top name bashing combined with his lung collapsing delivery was too much for the average listeners back in the day. Not this listener though. My ears enjoyed breaking down his complex lyrics to gain the true unmasking of his several subliminals aimed at the heads of our favorite rappers of that time. If you were under a rock or still pissing in the bed when this joint dropped, remember it's never too late to kopp a classic. You need this one in your collection...

Here are some tracks for inspiration:

Chino XL - Complex

Chino XL - Freestyle Rhymes

Chino XL - Waiting To Exhale

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