Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My dude Mo of MosaicThump is at it again bringing some of the best soul based live shows to Detroit for soul fans to appreciate. A true fan at heart, Mo understands that independent artists of this nature need support, so he provides them with an avenue to showcase their talent. On May 30th, Eric Roberson and special guest Carol Riddick will be in town for this special soulful event. If you live in or near the Detroit area, I suggest that you try and be there. Eric Roberson puts on a helluva show each and everytime he hits the stage, so if you've never seen him live here's your chance. Even though I have never seen Carol Riddick live, I am definitely a fan of her music. Plus, she's easy on the eyes. I know I will be there, but the real question is...will you??

Yo Mo, save me seat near the stage playboy! You know I likes to see a woman's eyes when she sings to me...




Since, most of you already know about Erro if you've been coming to this blog for any length of time, I have decided to give Ms. Riddick a little shine for your visual and listening pleasure...

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mo said...

Man you are always looking out for me. I appreciate the love. I hope I am able to see the enigmatic SoundNexx at this next joint too.