Friday, April 11, 2008

Remember back in the day when Robert Kelly rolled with Public Announcement, and sang songs like "Honey Love" and "Vibe?" He blew up and then things slowly began to fall apart in the background. Yes, he could still make a hit record, but as the years went on he seemed to change from the guy we knew in the beginning. Then the infamous sex videos leaked onto the internet and that basically put a nasty taste in everyone's mouth. It was bad enough that he performed these acts and filmed them for future viewing, but he ruined his career in my eyes when he lied to his fans. Trying to make us believe that the gentleman in the videos wasn't him was a terrible mistake. I hate being lied 2! Then he went from a R&B singer to a R&B thug to a ghetto preacher to a hustle instructor. Now, he's a The Ghetto Goldie Locks for 2008! Why a grown ass man would color his hair gold and then add long ass extention braids to match is beyond my comprehension. Rumor has it that this litte early Halloween getup Kels is sporting is for his upcoming role as Spanky Goldentine in the upcoming movie remake called "The Wiz He Iz 2009!" It's supposed to be an updated spin on the 1970's Quincy Jones and Diana Ross version called "The Wiz!" It will hopefully hit the big screen in Fall of 2009? Other members of this allstar cast include singer Jaheim as the Cowardly Lion, Nick Canon as the Scarecrow, Wanda Sykes as the Fairy Godmama and Kelly Rowlands as Dorothy.

I know you are just as excited about this movie as I am, as well as you should be dammit! I see CLASSIC written all over this flick...

Peep the vintage footage that inspired this whole R. Kelly transformation:

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