Saturday, March 29, 2008

Personally, I think Hip-Hop music is at it's best when two or more incredible talents come together to make that magic happen. It doesn't always work like that Jay-Z and R. Kelly tragedy from a few years back, but in most cases it's something pretty special. Today, I bring to you one of my most recent favorite collabos with LMNO of The Visionaries and Kev Brown of the Low Budget Crew. Two underground vets doing their thing the right way. There new project is called "Selective Hearing" and I must say that this joint is pretty hot! This is basically how I like my hip-hop for the most part, with dope production and interesting wordplay that goes perfectly witht he beats. If you are a Kev or LMNO fan, you definitely need this one in your collection. If you've never heard of either, you STILL need this one! Support good music and the artists that make it! Don't sleep...


Hit them up at their myspace page:


Monday, March 24, 2008

I remember a time when Detroit was mostly known for its automobile production plants and the home of Motown the sound. In the new millennium Detroit is slowly becoming the place for dope hip-hop artists. The people that live in the city already knew that there was some true talent here, but now the world is finally taking notice. Local crews finally decided to stop jockeying for position like crabs in a barrel and have joined forces to put out some hot joints. Another kat from the "D" who has been putting some work in for a minute on the local tip is definitely trying to make his name a household name. He goes by the name Fatt Father and he's an original member of the Fat Killahz. The Killahz have been putting it down around the "D" for a minute now, and they are definitely well respected. My dude Fatt Father has just released his latest street mixtape "You Are The Father" for the world to hear. Production duties are being handled by Black Milk, Trick-Trick, Supreme, Jewels Baby and Mr. Wright.


Courtesy of Dirty Mitten



My dude GS has finally dropped his first video off of his debut street classic "Ode To The Ghetto," so put your eyes and ears on this one.

Guilty Simpson - Get Riches (Video)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

While mainstream rap music is suffering like a beached whale, the underground hip-hop scene is poppin' like a ghetto girl's bubble gum right now. Atleast, for me it is. My music plate is full (as always), so I stay changing up my music selection. Ironically, I have kept that new Roddy Rod album "Blunt Park Sessions" in heavy rotation for a minute now, and it still sound pretty damn good! It's just a fun sounding album to me, and the beats are crazy! I was already a big supporter of the Low Budget Crew movement ever since I discovered Kev Brown, and it's clear that this crew will be around for a long time. Albums like this is why I don't turn on the radio in 2008 unless I'm trying to get the weather and traffic updates. Like Kev Brown, Roddy is a rapper/deejay/producer that understands the essence of hip-hop music. There are no gimmicks, just straight up hip-hop music with no additives or preservatives. It reminds me what the group Gang Starr brought to the ble back in the day. All beats and rhymes baby, so if that's your thing be sure to check out my dude Roddy Rod!

Check out his myspace page below:

After you check out Roddy's spot, come back and get my latest mixx to enhance your listing pleasure. This one's called the "Soulground Chapter 1" mixx, so definitely put your ears on it:

01+elzhi ft. dwele g - someone as real as her
02+roddy rod ft. chronkite/kaimyr - mouth water
03+pete rock ft. rell - that's what i'm talking about
04+q-tip ft. d'angelo - i believe
05+dutchmassive - i want her
06+lupe fiasco - paris tokyo
07+w. ellington felton - a native love afair
08+blu & exile ft. miguel - cold hearted
09+pryslzz ft. dwele - more than a love song
10+common ft. erykah badu - all night (remix)
11+miles bonny - salmon steaks
12+chaundon ft. darien brockington - take it personal
13+young buck ft. latoiya williams - u ain't goin no where
14+fat joe ft. charli baltimore/gerrell gaddis - walk on by
15+9th wonder & buckshot - go all out
16+carlitta durand ft. jim jones - what if
17+tone trezure - my destiny
18+roddy rod ft. muhsinah/hanu-hum - rude squire
19+foundation ft. sa-ra - the night
20+talib kweli ft. justin timberlake - the nature


This is still my joint right here! The beat is sick! Shoutout to my dudes the Fat Killahz reppin' the "D" to the fullest! If you are not familiar, get familiar by checking out this video:

I recently purchased a half gallon of skim milk the other day, and guess whose face was on the back of the carton? You may remember her from her past workings with Snoop Dogg. Her name is Latoiya Williams and she's been missing since 2002. Has anyone seen this soul singer? I've been waiting patiently for about seven years now, and still no dayum album or even an EP for that matter. At this point I'd take a new damn mixtape from Toi-Toi! How come it's always the good singers that go missing? Why won't somebody kidnap T-Pain and Wyclef and bring Latoiya Back!

My patience is wearing really thin, and if I don't see a turn around sometime soon with this Latoiya come back situation, I just may go Tocarra on somebody's azz...

Then watch Ms. Williams in action:


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I made it a personal quest for 2008 to do more posts on the overlooked music genre called Jazz. My motivation is that younger music lovers seem to have this obvious and deliberate detachment from jazz as a whole. Personally, I have heard every explanation/excuse for why a person does not like jazz, whether they have heard an actual jazz album or not. How an individual can decide not to like a WHOLE genre of music based solely on one song or album is mind-boggling. I think it truly has a lot to do with the genre being catered more toward the older age bracket, similar to how rap music is targeted at teenagers. Isn’t it peculiar how one of the most celebrated groups in hip-hop, A Tribe Called Quest rapped over production that was 75% jazz based? So, in theory to not like jazz music is to not like A Tribe Called Quest. I double-dog triple dare you to say that you don’t like the Tribe!

Okay, now that I’m done rambling lets get on to the meat of this post, which is giving one my favorite jazz artist some shine. He’s a true veteran in the game and his name is Marcus Miller. This New York based, Grammy-award winning musician is a producer, composer, singer and instrumentalist. Mr. Miller is probably best known for his earlier work with legends like Miles Davis, Luther Vandross and David Sanborn as a bass guitarist. This brother is NO JOKE when it comes to playing that electric bass! His slapping style of play is still unmatched in my opinion. He has definitely been an inspiration to many musicians that have come after him. It’s no accident that Marcus has enjoyed a long and respectable music career, and he’s still doing his thing today. Did you know that he created all of the music for the hit UPN television show “Everybody Hates Chris?” You know the comedy sitcom featuring Chris Rock doing his hit or miss stand-up comedy routine commentary while Tichina Arnold and Terry Crews play the 70s ghetto-like parents. Yeah, that sitcom. That’s your Jazzy Black History fact of the day!

Outside of doing TV show themes, Mr. Miller is still making solid albums as well. His latest release is entitled “Marcus” and it’s definitely full of some nice grooves. Marcus has always been a genius as meshing jazz and soul together like a fat girl in a pair of fishnet stockings, and this new joint is no exception. With vocal contributions from artists like Ledisi, Corinne Bailey Rae, Lalah Hathaway, Keb’Mo and Taraji P. Henson (Hustle & Flow fame) how could you lose? I was sold at Ledisi and Lalah personally! So, do yourself a favor and get familiar with Marcus Miller. He has a total of 11 albums to date that you can check for, not to include his side projects and dope collaboration efforts. So, if you have been looking for a jazz artist to start your search for great music, Marcus Miller is your man...

Check out a little Marcus Miller in action, then thank me later folks!

Marcus Miller - Scoop

Marcus Miller - Live Under The Sky 1991

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Amongst the thousands of singers trying to do their thing these days, there are a few that have a memorable voice and sound. These are the artists that remind us that there is still some real originality and talent in the world amongst the carbon-copy fluff that seems to get the spotlight these days. I'm talking about the type of soul artist that evolves from a "singer" to a "sanger" at first listen. In the spirit of the true sangers out there, I want to introduce you folks to Tone Trezure. She's a Detroiter by way of Flint, Michigan and I've been following this young woman's career for some years now. The dopest thing about her is that she's a writer, producer and a singer all roled into one. She's definitely talented! Her soulfully rich vocals are what I like the most. Her sound takes me back to the 1970s sound when soul music was raw and emotional. If you dig that flavor, get familiar with Ms. Trezure. Even if you don't already know her name, you probably have heard her voice several times already. That's because she's worked with some of your favorite artists over the years. Plus, she's featured on my last soul mixx "Soulcanic Lava" that you should have download already, right!

Check out her resume of musical collaborations: Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, Little Brother, Joi, Strange Fruit Project, Bilal, Pharoah Monch, Jay Electronica, Young Zeke, Method Man, Game, Mr. Porter, Rah Digga...

Get familiar with Tone here:

Friday, March 14, 2008

The soul is back like athlete's foot for your enjoyment. I've been playing this mixx for some days now and it's pretty hot, so check it out. I'm still on my Erykah Badu "Amerykah" kick, and that album gets better and better to me. My favorite joint off the album right now is "Telephone!" I was diggin' the song at first listen, but it dawned on me that this was the track that Erykah was talking about when I saw her live last year. She broke it down for the audience. If you didn't know already, that track was dedicated to J Dilla (R.I.P). Erykah was very close to Dilla and his mother. Ma Dukes told her that Jay Dee would be speaking out loud sometimes like he was talking to someone before he passed away. They figured Dilla was having an out of body experience due to the medication he was on for his illness. After Dilla passed on, his brother (Illa J) told Ma Dukes (Dilla's Mother) that Jay Dee was talking to the late Ol' Dirty Bastard during those conversations. J Dilla told his brother that ODB told him how to get to Heaven. Dirty told Dilla to make sure that he got on the White bus and not the Red Bus to get to Heaven.

That story touched Mz. Erykah so much that she wrote song about it, which is the Telephone joint! Now, listen to that track again and hear what you think about it knowing the whole meaning behind the verbage. That track is very spiritual and soulful to me and that's why I added it to this mixx. That's why I like Erykah because she makes music from her soul! Whether you hate it or love it, it that real ish...

Now, lets get into what you really came here for...


>Erykah Badu^Telephone (Dilla Tribute)
>Steve Spacek^Simply
>Porsche Smith^Let It Go
>Bilal^Soul Sista (Remix)
>Raheem DeVaughn^Love Drug
>Jim Sommers^If I Knew ft. Vikter Duplaix
>Darien Brockington^It's Over
>Dwele^Blaze Up a Square
>Jonell^Know Me
>Miles Bonny^What It Is I See
>Dwele^I'm Cheatin'
>The Foundation^Folks ft. SFP
>Little Brother^System ft. Tone Trezure
>Bilal Salaam^Modern Day Slavery
>Algebra^Run & Hide
>Erykah Badu^Soldier



Monday, March 10, 2008

It's time for me to focus on some real underground hip-hop right now, so get out your Timberlands and too big fitted caps for this one! If I take the time out to post about a specific (not pacific) artist, then you already know that I am fan, because they have impressed me in some way. For those that don't know him, I want to introduce you to a dope emcee reppin' Florida that goes by the name Dutchmassive. Even though most of you may not know him, Dutch is not a new kid on the block when it comes to the rap game. He's been putting in work for over 10 years now. He's started his career out by working closely with another favorite emcee of mine named Celph Titled, and when I realized that I knew Dutchmassive was legit. Celph was a member of the well respected the Demigodz crew back in the day, plus he's an emcee's emcee. That means he goes for the throat with ever verse! Get your Google on for more info on Celph Titled.

I had been hearing Dutch's voice on records back in the day, but I never really paid him any mind. It wasn't until I heard his debut joint "Junk Planet" that I took note. The masses slept on it (myself included), but I finally peeped it in 2005. I dug it! Now, as part of the Rawkus 50 movement, Dutchmassive dropped his second joint called "Crush Your System" back in the last part of 2007. I'm lovin' this album too! It's the full package of beats and rhymes that I like. The overall production is my favorite part of this joint of course. Try not to judge a book by its cover and allow yourself to be open minded when it comes to music. If you swear you like underground hip-hop with no preservatives and fillers, put your ears on DutchMassive and hear what you think.

Consider these two tracks as snacks before the full meal:

Dutchmassive - Evaporate (Junk Planet)

Dutchmassive - Shibli (Crush Your System)

Peep the internet sites too:

Sunday, March 09, 2008


My girl Angie Stone had a hot album last year, but this joint is definitely is my favorite track! The production is tight and the lyrics hit home, plus with Angie putting down those nice vocals makes this a perfect combination like that Filet-O-Fish combo meal at McDonald's. Ummm, tastie! What part of the fish is that?

Damn, Angie is sportin' some hot weaves/wigs in this video! First she hit us with that Syleena Johnson/Dolly Parton-ish (down ya back) steelo, then took it to some Aretha Frankin 1990s flava, finally bringing home with that Mary J/Pepa ghetto girl asymmetric cut on that a$$. Go head Stoney!!

Step your unbeweavable game up ladies!!

This will hopefully keep you folks content until my next soul driven mixx that will be dropping real soon... Stay tuned...

Personally, I am not a huge fan of MTV anymore. Why? Well, the biggest reason is that they seem to have sold their musical roots down the river for stock in the wack reality TV craze that's sweeping the nation these days. I wish they would get back to playing music videos and live concerts again one day. Looking back on MTV's long history, I definitely feel that their greatest accomplishment would have the be the creation the hip-hop classic Yo! MTV Raps. The show was hosted by Ed Lover and Doctor Dre, and if you considered yourself a true hip-hop artist from the late 80s to the mid 90s that's where you wanted to be. This is where hip-hop lived back then, period! It's difficult to put into words how critical this show was to the overall hip-hop movement that we know today, but please believe it. One of the saddest days in hip-hop history is when MTV ended the Yo! MTV Raps show in 1995 after seven seasons on the air. Instead of going out with a bunch of sad goodbyes, Ed and Dre decided to turn the final episode into a farewell celebration. Damn near anybody that ever touched a mic was in the audience during the the final episode of the show. It ended up being one of the longest emcee freestyle sessions ever aired on television. It was definitely a monumental hip-hop moment worth remembering.

Freestyle session one included verses spit by: Rakim, KRS-One, Chubb Rock, Erick Sermon and MC Serch. Freestyle sesson two included verses spit by: Redman, Method Man, Large Professor, Special Ed and Craig Mack. Flavor Flav was spitting some jibberish as the credits rolled, but fortunately it was not included in these clips. I have provided links to both sessions below, so check them if you haven't or add them to your hip-hop archives if you have. Make sure you peep them either way.



Along time ago somebody told me that Tone Loc was the best rapper in the game reppin' the Westcoast? It was probably because of this song right here:

Saturday, March 08, 2008

It amazes me how the music industry has changed over the last 20 years. This is especially evident in the R&B/Soul genre. Remember back in the 1990s when there was an overwhelming amount of R&B groups on the music scene? There were so many groups popping up like weeds every other week that it was annoying. It was very difficult to keep track of all the groups that were trying to make a name for themselves at the cost of the consumers that purchased many of their wack albums. Personally, I threw many of my hard earned dollars down the drain by taking purchase chances based on a nice album cover or hot producer. Most of these fly-by-night groups careers were over after their first album went tin, but in most cases the money had already been made. From me that is! I remember feeling like a cheated sucka several times after skipping through an whole album and only liking one track!

Luckily there were a few groups that dropped back in the Golden Era that actually had a decent album or two. One album that still gets a spin or three from time to time is Intro's self-titled album. The beats were banging and the vocals were on point. If you've never heard that album make a point to so if the opportunity presents itself.

So, it's 2008 now and R&B groups are damn near extinct. The few that remain seem to be barely making ends meet, because it seems like music fans don't care about groups any more. I hate the overkill of groups back in the day, but to some degree I miss them now. Believe me, I can survive just fine without them, but there seems to be a vacancy in music right now. Where are Puffy and Heavy D when you need them? Maybe in 2018 things will be different for the success of R&B groups, but until then we can only reflect back to yester-year. I have decided to post a mixx of showcasing some of my favorite male R&B groups from back in the day. This is an older mixx, but hopefully it will still bring you some joy. Put your ears on this one...


01-bel biv devoe - b.b.d. (i thought it was me)
02-tony! toni! tone! - baby doll
03-today - why you get funky on me
04-portrait - here we go again
05-after 7 - one night
06-surface - i missed
07-dru hill - whatever u want
08-guy - spend time
09-soul 4 real - if you want it (remix) ft. mcgruff
10-shomari - if you feel the need
11-jagged edge - wednesday lover
12-playa - all the way
13-lo-key - i got a thang 4 ya
14-rude boys - written all over your face ft. gerald levert
15-jodeci - alone
16-silk - i can go deep
17-u.n.v - something's goin' on


Intro - Ribbon In The Sky (Video)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I don't know about you all, but I am still totally engrossed in the Nu Amerykah joint. I have spoken with many Badu fans about this album, and it seems to be either they hate it or love it. There seems to be no middle ground whatsoever. Personally, I like some tracks better than others, but none are even close to being wack. Erykah takes her music places where most wouldn't even think about going, and she gets my applauds for that alone. Regardless of where you stand or sit on Ms. Badu's new album, I have some good news. Erykah released another project back in December 2007 she calls "Badu." It sort of a greatest hits compilation, but she's thrown in a few rare gems that may have gotten by the average fan. That "Love Hangover" joint I posted a few days ago was from that compilation. Check out the track listing below:

1. Your mind 2. Love hangover (Live @ BET 2007) 3. Wu 4. Music is everything 5. Live 6. Apple tree Cafe 7. Didn't cha know 8. Fly away (featuring Sa-Ra and Georgia Anne Muldrow) 9. I want you 10. Love of my life (featuring Common) 11. Bag lady 12. Hold on (featuring Pharaoh Monch) 13. You got me (featuring The Roots) 14. Think Twice (featuring Roy Hargrove) 15. Ye-yo 16. Today 17. Never 18. Your precious love (featuring D'angelo) (Note: tracks 17 and 18 are merged into one track)

Badu will hopefully be releasing PART 2 of her new album in late Summer? So, keep your extensively long toes crossed!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Just the other day I found myself crate diggin’ through my many archives of music and I came across a gem from the Golden Age era of rap. Yes, the era that many heads consider to be the BEST of the BEST when it comes to rap music. The album was Da Youngsta’s second joint “No Mercy” that dropped back in 1994! There first album entitled “Something 4 The Youngsta’s” was a little bubble-gummish for my personal taste with track titles like “Rated PG” ~ “Neighborhood Bully” & “Cartoons” in the line-up. Back then there seemed to be a massive amount kids trying their hands at rapping and singing, so I was a initially hesitant about the “No Mercy” joint. That all went away when I found out that the legendary producer Marley Marl was executive producing the album. Marley always came with the hot beats! Sure enough after listening Da Youngsta’s second album a couple of times, it was quickly one of my favorites of that year. Not only were the beats sickingly hot, but also the young Philly emcees seemed like that had really grown up over the two years since their first album. They went from rapping about stuffed animals to speaking on growing up in the inner city.

Da Youngsta’s biggest single to date would definitely have to be “Hip-Hop Ride” off their second joint produced by legendary Marley Marl. This joint still bangs even in 2008, so peep the video:


To end this post on a great note, I am also sharing this little mini-mixx of young rap katz that did it right back in the 90s when it came to spitting a hot verse. I call this one the "90z Rap Kiddz Mixx." None of that rap crap that we've been overwhelmed with over the last few years here my friends. This mixx is on that gutta butta flavor that will definitely take you back to the good old days, featuring Illegal, Chi-Ali, Kris Kross, Shyheim and Da Youngsta's of course. Put your ears on it and hear what you think.


01^Da Youngsta's - Stayed Away
02^Chi-Ali - Age Ain't Nothin' But A #
03^Illegal - Illegal Will Rock
04^Shyheim - On and On
05^Da Youngsta's - No Mercy
06^Chi-Ali - Step Up
07^Shyheim - Shaolin Style ft. Squig
08^Kris Kross - Alright (Remix) ft. Supercat
09^Da Youngsta's - No More Hard Times
10^Illegal - Understand The Flow
11^Chi-Ali - In My Room