Thursday, March 20, 2008

I recently purchased a half gallon of skim milk the other day, and guess whose face was on the back of the carton? You may remember her from her past workings with Snoop Dogg. Her name is Latoiya Williams and she's been missing since 2002. Has anyone seen this soul singer? I've been waiting patiently for about seven years now, and still no dayum album or even an EP for that matter. At this point I'd take a new damn mixtape from Toi-Toi! How come it's always the good singers that go missing? Why won't somebody kidnap T-Pain and Wyclef and bring Latoiya Back!

My patience is wearing really thin, and if I don't see a turn around sometime soon with this Latoiya come back situation, I just may go Tocarra on somebody's azz...

Then watch Ms. Williams in action:



Dwittie O said...

I used to love her! Where she at?

Kurt GoBang da2nd said...

i was going to say "well if she doesn't have a myspace page, you can forget about that mixtape!"

but i looked her up (just in case i might end up having to pull my foot out of my mouth) and she has 2. so there MAY be a chance after all! keep hope alive!

SoundNexx DJ said...

After checking with my sources I heard thru the grapevine that she is on the comeback, but no definite date just yet? I'll believe it when I see it.

She got 2 mixtapes??