Saturday, March 08, 2008

It amazes me how the music industry has changed over the last 20 years. This is especially evident in the R&B/Soul genre. Remember back in the 1990s when there was an overwhelming amount of R&B groups on the music scene? There were so many groups popping up like weeds every other week that it was annoying. It was very difficult to keep track of all the groups that were trying to make a name for themselves at the cost of the consumers that purchased many of their wack albums. Personally, I threw many of my hard earned dollars down the drain by taking purchase chances based on a nice album cover or hot producer. Most of these fly-by-night groups careers were over after their first album went tin, but in most cases the money had already been made. From me that is! I remember feeling like a cheated sucka several times after skipping through an whole album and only liking one track!

Luckily there were a few groups that dropped back in the Golden Era that actually had a decent album or two. One album that still gets a spin or three from time to time is Intro's self-titled album. The beats were banging and the vocals were on point. If you've never heard that album make a point to so if the opportunity presents itself.

So, it's 2008 now and R&B groups are damn near extinct. The few that remain seem to be barely making ends meet, because it seems like music fans don't care about groups any more. I hate the overkill of groups back in the day, but to some degree I miss them now. Believe me, I can survive just fine without them, but there seems to be a vacancy in music right now. Where are Puffy and Heavy D when you need them? Maybe in 2018 things will be different for the success of R&B groups, but until then we can only reflect back to yester-year. I have decided to post a mixx of showcasing some of my favorite male R&B groups from back in the day. This is an older mixx, but hopefully it will still bring you some joy. Put your ears on this one...


01-bel biv devoe - b.b.d. (i thought it was me)
02-tony! toni! tone! - baby doll
03-today - why you get funky on me
04-portrait - here we go again
05-after 7 - one night
06-surface - i missed
07-dru hill - whatever u want
08-guy - spend time
09-soul 4 real - if you want it (remix) ft. mcgruff
10-shomari - if you feel the need
11-jagged edge - wednesday lover
12-playa - all the way
13-lo-key - i got a thang 4 ya
14-rude boys - written all over your face ft. gerald levert
15-jodeci - alone
16-silk - i can go deep
17-u.n.v - something's goin' on


Intro - Ribbon In The Sky (Video)


Rah said...

Thanks for this one homie! Shit is real nice. Keep em coming!

Gary said...

The industry's in a recession. It's much easier to steal from 1 than it used to be to steal from 4.

SoundNexx DJ said...

@gary - I think you are onto something there my friend.

sdot* said...

I love these mixxes mayne!

Anonymous said... i was still wondering about ur Soundnexx Semisic Soul Mixx. Ii need that CD bad. and the mp3 isnt event posted any more.

SoundNexx DJ said...

@dakidneptune - There is NO Seismic Soul CD or album my man, just the MP3 mixx I posted some months ago. It's one of a kind!

You can still get the MP3 download by clicking December 2007 under the Archive column on the right side of the site though.