Sunday, March 02, 2008

Just the other day I found myself crate diggin’ through my many archives of music and I came across a gem from the Golden Age era of rap. Yes, the era that many heads consider to be the BEST of the BEST when it comes to rap music. The album was Da Youngsta’s second joint “No Mercy” that dropped back in 1994! There first album entitled “Something 4 The Youngsta’s” was a little bubble-gummish for my personal taste with track titles like “Rated PG” ~ “Neighborhood Bully” & “Cartoons” in the line-up. Back then there seemed to be a massive amount kids trying their hands at rapping and singing, so I was a initially hesitant about the “No Mercy” joint. That all went away when I found out that the legendary producer Marley Marl was executive producing the album. Marley always came with the hot beats! Sure enough after listening Da Youngsta’s second album a couple of times, it was quickly one of my favorites of that year. Not only were the beats sickingly hot, but also the young Philly emcees seemed like that had really grown up over the two years since their first album. They went from rapping about stuffed animals to speaking on growing up in the inner city.

Da Youngsta’s biggest single to date would definitely have to be “Hip-Hop Ride” off their second joint produced by legendary Marley Marl. This joint still bangs even in 2008, so peep the video:


To end this post on a great note, I am also sharing this little mini-mixx of young rap katz that did it right back in the 90s when it came to spitting a hot verse. I call this one the "90z Rap Kiddz Mixx." None of that rap crap that we've been overwhelmed with over the last few years here my friends. This mixx is on that gutta butta flavor that will definitely take you back to the good old days, featuring Illegal, Chi-Ali, Kris Kross, Shyheim and Da Youngsta's of course. Put your ears on it and hear what you think.


01^Da Youngsta's - Stayed Away
02^Chi-Ali - Age Ain't Nothin' But A #
03^Illegal - Illegal Will Rock
04^Shyheim - On and On
05^Da Youngsta's - No Mercy
06^Chi-Ali - Step Up
07^Shyheim - Shaolin Style ft. Squig
08^Kris Kross - Alright (Remix) ft. Supercat
09^Da Youngsta's - No More Hard Times
10^Illegal - Understand The Flow
11^Chi-Ali - In My Room


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