Sunday, March 09, 2008


My girl Angie Stone had a hot album last year, but this joint is definitely is my favorite track! The production is tight and the lyrics hit home, plus with Angie putting down those nice vocals makes this a perfect combination like that Filet-O-Fish combo meal at McDonald's. Ummm, tastie! What part of the fish is that?

Damn, Angie is sportin' some hot weaves/wigs in this video! First she hit us with that Syleena Johnson/Dolly Parton-ish (down ya back) steelo, then took it to some Aretha Frankin 1990s flava, finally bringing home with that Mary J/Pepa ghetto girl asymmetric cut on that a$$. Go head Stoney!!

Step your unbeweavable game up ladies!!

This will hopefully keep you folks content until my next soul driven mixx that will be dropping real soon... Stay tuned...

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