Monday, February 25, 2008

This good lookin' lady in the photo on left goes by the name Lina. The craziest thing is her is that she's been doing her thing-thing for a minute, but many music lovers don't even know her. Some know a couple of her past singles, but wouldn't even recognize her on an album cover. That's pretty sad because Lina is talented in my opinion. Her biggest smash record to date is definitely the track "It's Alright" from her debut album called "Stranger on Earth" that dropped in 2001. At that time her sound was strange to many, because she was doing something totally different with her music. Some of her tracks had a spacey like ballroom feel to it with a touch of soul and rock. I dug her debut from the gitty-up, while many slept! With mixed reviews of her debut, Lina just vanished from the music scene. I thought she was gone forever, but then she popped up like a morning erection in 2005 with her second album release "The Inner Beauty Movement." Her second album still had her original sound, but it was definitely more polished. Soul music lovers seemed a little excepting about Lina's second joint. Album tracks like "Smooth" and "All Around The World" featuring the scruffy looking Anthony Hamilton putting it down like a 1970s blacksplotation flick is worth the price of admission. If you missed her first two albums, be sure to check them out when you get a chance.

Alright, that's enough about Lina's past. Lets move on to 2008, where my girl Lin-Lin has just dropped her third album called "Morning Star." This joint is leaning toward left field too, but it still remains very soulful throughout. I'm definitely digging it for sure! In a small way she reminds me of other dope female soul artists like Davina, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Adriana Evans. The mainstream doesn't know what to do with them and most music fans are confused about them. It's great music no matter how you label it, so take the plunge. As I always encourage, support artists like these because they are the true future of this music that we know and love. It's artists like Lina that keep me interested in soul music and even blogging about music. If all I had to write about was Omarion, T-Pain, Cassie & Ray J, I'd shut this muthasucka down with the quickness! You'd be saying bye-bye to the Sound guy!

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