Monday, June 07, 2010

I have always been a fan of the legendary Nat King Cole. His music is timeless, and Christmas just ain't Christmas with Nat's carols playing in the background. So, when I stumbled upon the Brooklyn vocalist Gregory Porter recently who definitely reminds me of a young Mr. Cole. His heartfelt vocals are poetic. As a youth Gregory discovered Nat King Cole by playing his mother's records. It's obvious that the legend influenced him tremendously, and that's where he discovered his love for music. Gregory’s passion and commitment to expressing himself through music has remained strong, and he has developed a distinct style that ranges from jazz, funk, R&B, blues and gospel – one that is soulful while still maintaining the elegance he learned from his earlier influences.

Below is a glimpse of the man doing his thing:

Gregory Porter released his debut album "Water" earlier this year, so if you are looking for some music with a mellow jazzy vibe this will probably fit the bill. This project is vocally driven, so don't expect any overpowering production or guest rappers. Give it a listen because you just might like it.

Checkout the "Water" album by clicking HERE


Lucy Beer said...

Thanks so much for writing about Gregory and spreading the love!

Soulafrodisiac said...

I JUST finished listening to this album - WHOLLY. I love it. My review is going up soon!