Saturday, July 30, 2011

Are your ears ready for some good music? If you like your sounds filled with unfamiliar voices and stylings, definitely put ears on this joint! This mixx contains some of the indie artists that I am listening to right now, so get to know them (if you haven't already). I've learned during my years of music listening that some songs and artists require several listens before the music can be digested. There are songs that I thought I hated when I first heard them, but now they have an exclusive spot on my favorite tracks list. So, if you dislike a song immediately after the first listen, be sure to listen again before making a verdict. However, if after several listens it still sucks, delete from your mp3 player with the quickness! Always support quality music. Enjoy!

The Goody List:
a)fred joachim - my heaven
b)miles bonny - what's life like
c)soulive/ekena nwokoyw - arruga de agua remix
d)ayah - find my way
e)tyler woods - i want u
f)bembe segue - sunshine
g)luvbugz - whut ever
h)mar - bipolar friendship
i)erro/chubb rock - summertime 2011
j)sunshine anderson - say something
k)nas/ginuwine - you owe me
l)ledisi - coffee
m)wes felton - prom queen
n)mara hruby - the panties
o)ishe/hezekiah - can we
p)jrawls - heeey
q)lisa banton - something new
r)jaguar wright - let me be the one
s)jill scott - blessed
t)jesse boykins 3 - nectar
u)heather victoria - missing you

Listen 2 The Soulspects Here!

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