Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is it the end of April already? Now, that's a semi-vacation, but I am back at it. For how long is unsure. Anyway, today I reintroduce to you that beautiful Ghana native soul-singer Rhian Benson. Remember her?? She's not only a looker, but she sings great too! It's been six years since her debut album "Gold Coast" dropped, and it was sort of a letdown after her first single "Say How I Feel" blew up. The remix featuring Dwele and Slum Village was even better! In 2011 Rhian is back with a new and refreshed outlook, and it definitely shows in her new music. Her new joint "Hands Clean" has a more uptempo-electronic sound to it. The beats are catchy and her vocals are on point. Rhian describes her new sound as "Sade meets DJ Shadow" and she's right. Personally, I dig it!

The first single off this album is "Better Without You" so check for it, and the album to hear what you think. Now, just in case you missed this remix classic from 2005, check it out below:

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