Saturday, January 29, 2011

My time for blogging has become limited lately, so I try to post when time permits. It's mixx time again, and this joint is all about soul music. I call this mixx "Esquisite Tastes" and it's full of all types of underground and unique artists worth checking for. Most of these guys and gals stay on repeat in my ears via my iPod and car stereo. Defintely, put ears on it when time permits. The track list is finally available for those seeking artists names and album titles. Check the commments section for it, then show support to those artists that you're feeling by spending $$$ or telling a friend. Radio still sucks, so lets work at keeping the music we love alive...

Get Esquisite Tastes is here!

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SoundNexx DJ said...


1-ahnu - run away
2-nikko gray - love scene
3-jose james - vicadin
4-robert de boron - love out of sight
5-iman williams - not for you
6-sonnyman - blast off
7-owusu & hannibal - le fox
8-specifics - beach of life
9-the neptunes - fun
10-ebrahim - e to the/be alright
11-erik rico - our world
12-slakah - the cure
13-glenn scott - deep in it
14-numaads - now remix
15-ken ross - zzzz
16-bilal - robots remix
17-el debarge - close to you
18-mama's gun - sketches
19-elaquent - eargasm
20-boozina - beat
21-obsidian blue - break
22-100 akres - NE beat