Monday, January 03, 2011

On your mark, get set and get ready for more of that Detroit hip-hop vibe. A four man group called Clear Soul Forces has dropped some music for all to hear. Their latest EP is called "Departure" and it's a free download. I really digs the cover artwork as well. That street in the photo is named Woodward Avenue located in downtown Detroit. What I enjoy about this new joint is that it doesn't sound like typical Detroit street music. It has a fun and polished sound to it that I really enjoy. The beats and rhymes are tight, and it continues to deserved rotation in my iPod. Definitely some "head-bobbin' music. Ok, enough typing! Time for you to click on the link below and get this EP:

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Hip Hop said...

These cats are cold. Their lyrics are on point. They are definitely getting heard in the hip hop commmunity.