Monday, March 15, 2010

Congratulations to my homeboy Velben! He's a writer/singer of soul music, and he's been on the grind for a minute trying to get his latest album "Creative Flowz" out to the masses. The "masses" would be you good people reading this post. Just thought I'd clarify in case you didn't already know. Velben is from Detroit, but he has relocated to Atlanta, GA for the greater good, so he still gets much love from the folks in the D. I first met Velben a few years back through some mutual friends. After our first conversation I knew he was a good dude. I immediately felt his passion for singing and the drive he possessed. It's challenging for most singers in the music business, and it's twice as hard for independent artists. Paying for their own studio time, production and distribution can be pretty costly, and that is why we have to support such artists. After listening to several of the new tracks on "Creative Flowz" I can sense some growth by Velben as a artist. The new joint is more polished than his debut EP "Formless" from 2006, but it manages to keep that raw vocal style that is Velben's signature. What I dig most about the new joint is the dope production! Beats are my thing, so I am always trying to locate sounds to get my head nodding.

If you desire something fresh and new, you definitely need to put ears on Velben's new album. It's available at CD and iTunes. There are also snippets of each song at CD Baby as well.


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