Sunday, January 25, 2009

One of the problems that I have with the music industry is their inability to properly classify certain artists. Some feel that any classification is an injustice, but I need a way to locate CDs in the store when I’m on the hunt. It’s difficult as hell to locate an artist when you don’t know where to look. Ignoring my selfish thinking, I truly understand why artists hate being labeled. When you are making music for listeners across the board, poor labeling can definitely limit your success. For example, I am not a big fan of pop music, so I overlook most pop artists. One artist in particular named Adele representing London never sparked my interest when I first saw her album early last year because it had that pop label on it. The title didn’t help any because it was called “19” (dope), which I assumed was targeted for teenagers. It wasn’t until I saw her perform live on television that I took notice! The girl was killing it on stage and every since then I’ve been a fan. If you like Joss Stone, give Adele a listen. This is just another reason why everyone should eliminate genre biases from their musical lives. You’ll miss plenty of good music that way. If it sounds soulful, I consider it soul music no matter what the industry says.

Speaking of soul, it is time for some music again! I call my latest mixx “Soul Flakez N Winter” because it has been snowing around here like never before. I’m used to Michigan winters, but damn! Old Man Winter is putting his foot in thou ass this season for sure. For all of you out there suffering like I am, here is some music that will hopefully warm up your ear drums at least.

Soul Flakez Playlist:

01*Siji – Morenike
02*Tracy Cruz – Waited For You
03*Kim Arrington – White Dress (ft. Suede)
04*Jaguar Wright – Dear John Pt. 1 & 2
05*Green Tea – Sweet Georgia Brown
06*Raheem – Bring It Back
07*Raheem – Bulletproof Remix (ft. Ludacris)
08*Faith No More – She Loves Me Not (Spinna Mix)
09*Glenn Lewis – It’s Just Like
10*Almost September – Stay
11*Raphael Saadiq – Just One Kiss (ft. Joss Stone)
12*De La Soul – Thru Ya City (ft. D.V. Alias Khrist)
13*PPP – Pigeon Hole (ft. Coultrain)
14*Jagged Edge – Trying To Find the Words
15*Theo Parrish – Second Chance
16*AJK – Come 2 Me (ft. Raheem/Yahzarah)
17*Adele – Melt My Heart into Stone (ft. Big Pooh)
18*Waajeed – Now or Never Remix (ft. Tiombe)
19*Kelis – Game Show
20*Till Bronner – Oscar Said


Chasing Pavements (Video)

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