Monday, January 19, 2009

Dammit man, I have been waiting on Havana's second album to be released ever since I heard the first joint! Her first album "Life"was classic in my opinion just based on the fact that Nicolay and Zo! were handling the majority of the production duties. Combining her smooth vocals with their soulful hip-hop influenced beats is a match made in heaven. Most had a hard time finding that joint because it was only sold online or at limited mom and pop record stores. It's 2009 now, and Havana has stepped her game up. Her new album is called "Entervention" and it hits the streets on February 17, 2009! I have heard about 3 new songs from the upcoming release, and they sound pretty good overall. They don't have that hip-hop feel like the some of her previous tracks, but I am still digging them though. Keep your ears open for this young lady. She needs to be on your music radar in 2009...

Check out some more of her music here:

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