Friday, January 02, 2009

I’m playing catch up a little with this post, but I think it’s worth speaking on. This is one of those albums that I truly enjoyed that dropped last year that I think most soul music fans totally missed. My dude Siji representing those Nigerian vibes dropped his second album entitled ‘AdeSiji’ back in October 2008. Adesiji is short for his full name Adesijibomi. I’ve been a fan of Siji since I heard his first classic album ‘God Given’ back in 2004. I kept that joint on replay for years after it dropped and I still pull it out from time to time. Siji’s new album has that same organic soul feel as the first one. Even after all of these years, Siji has not skipped an afrobeat or a sultry verse for that matter. His unique voice combined with those Yoruba rhythms is something special to hear. His music reminds me of sitting on the beach in Hawaii sipping on a pina-colada watching the sunset. Siji knows what his fans like and he stays in his lane, which is fine by me. If you missed it in 2008, start your new year off right and check for it now.

Here’s a track to give your ears some of that Siji flavor:
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