Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Westcoast is back in the house for the 09'! My dude Rasco a.k.a Cali Agent #1 is back at it again with those potent lyrics that make the fake emcees shake in their Timberland boots. Rasco is the kind of rapper that you can depend on to stay in his lane. None of that experimental crap for this lyricist. As I have listened to each of his albums over the years, one thing remains consistant and that is his dislike for corny emcees. You know the emcees that are only in the game to pimp it for a few bucks with no real concern about the actual craft. Rasco has made it his mission to rid the music world of wack rappers, and I applaud him for that. Even though his efforts have probably resulted in less than desirable results, I'm glad to see that he still remains focused.

His upcoming release is titled "Global Threat" and it's business as usual. If you dig Rasco's style, then you'll dig this album as well. It's dropping sometime in the first quarter, so keep your ears open.

Listen to this track: LET IT BE KNOWN

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