Thursday, February 19, 2009

This post is for all of my peoples out in Sweden, especially Stockholm. A lot of Sweds come through here on the regular, and I appreciate it. One of my favorite soul artists from Stockholm is a songwriter, singer and producer that goes by the name Melo. I have been following this dude for a while now. I heard a few nice tracks from this kid a couple of years ago, but I never heard word of when an official album would be released. Well, the wait is finally over. My main man Melo has released his debut album called "Off My Chest," which is full of several mellow tracks full of soul. This guy is nice with his, and you'll probably be just as impressed as I am. Don't think Justin Timberlake when you look at the album cover, because Melo is on the other end of music spectrum IMO. Imagine that Robin Thicke and Jon B some how had a baby that grew up, and that male child got Sade pregnant. Sade's love child would be Melo!

Peep this Melo video for yourself, and hear what you think:

Real Slow (Video)

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