Friday, February 27, 2009

This is my dude right here! I know I type the same thing about a lot of folks, but I really mean it this time dammit! His name is Eric Roberson (as u should already know) and his new album "Music Fan First" will be hitting the streets In June 2009. Being independent does have its advantages, like being able to release new tracks and albums on a regular basis. I wish everybody could do that. What makes Erro stand out from the crowd of soul singers is that he really appreciates his fans. The kat is always giving something back for our support, whether it be some extra tracks during a show, or free admission into his concert. This new album is now exception. Check out the message written below by the man himself on how to get your photo added the album artwork:


...Before I was a singer or an artist, I was a music fan first! Well, if you are like me, I would like for you to be a part of my album artwork. Please take a picture of yourself wearing headphones, rocking a mic or instrument, or simply dancing to your favorite song...

Send your pic to: MUSICFANFIRST@GMAIL.COM and you will be included in the album artwork.

All Photos must be received by Friday, March 20th!

Erro - Music Fan First Freestyle

That is all...

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