Sunday, March 01, 2009

Since, I am still in retro music mode, I thought I’d share music from some of my favorite female singing groups from the 1990s. Back when soul music was still referred to as R&B, and producers like Puffy, Eddie F, Darkchild, Kenny Smoove, Allstar and The Ummah dominated the sound of the genre. A time when remixes were truly remixed to take a hit single to another level of greatness, with a whole new sound. Slow jam remixes were sped up and uptempo tracks were slowed down to perfection, and the hottest rappers would spit quotable verses over them. Remember, when R&B music was saturated with dozens of girl groups trying to jockey for position? Annoyingly, they were like roaches. You get rid of one girl group and the next day three more would appear. Sadly, many of these groups were no-hit-wonders that fooled plenty of us into purchasing their albums, which we’d eventually toss out of a window after just one listen. As always, the cream rises to the top, and there were groups worthy of our attention like SWV, Total, Destiny’s Child, 702, Zhane’, TLC and one of my favorites, Changing Faces.

I still remember the first time I heard their track “Stroke You Up” produced by R. Kelly back in 1994. In that song they asked “Do you mind if I stroke you up?” and I answered quickly with a “Hell Naw!” Those two sexy, thin framed, caramel colored dime pieces had me open like a box of donuts in a police cruiser. Unfortunately, after two solid album releases and one totally missed third project, this group vanished. Damn, I hate when that happens. I’m still waiting for the day when this duo resurrects their singing careers, but until then here is a little something to get you smiling.

I’ve put together a mixx showcasing some of the more memorable R&B girl groups from back in the day. These are some of my personal favorites, so I hope you enjoy this musical drive back down memory lane. It’s simply titled the “Female Groupz Mixx,” so listen to it when you get a chance, and tell a friend about it as well.


01~Uh Huh = Terri & Monica
02~All I Want = 702
03~Red Lights (Bustin’ Out) = Tha Truth ft. Erick Sermon
04~All This Love (KS Remix) = Changing Faces
05~I Got Him All The Time (Remix) = MoKenStef ft. Puba
06~Head Over Heels = Allure ft. Nas
07~Hey Mr. DJ = Zhane’
08~I Like = Kut Klose
09~Now That She’s Gone = Destiny’s Child
10~Sitting Home – Total
11~Stop The Pain = Emage
12~Sexin U (My Nature Remix) = Nuttin’ Nyce
13~My Secret Enemy = TLC
14~That’s What I’m Here For = SWV
15~Damn! = So Plush ft. Ja Rule
16~Make Up Your Mind (Remix) = Assorted Phlavors
17~Can’t Get Enough = Willie Max ft. Raphael Saadiq
18~Love For You (Hurley Remix) = Jomanda
19~Cutie (Johnny O Remix) = Raw Stilo



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Soulrific said...

That Kut Klose joint was the song to grind on.