Monday, March 16, 2009

No, it's not over yet. Technically, things are just beginning for the Detroit based rapper that goes by the name Finale. I've been following this kat since the early days, waiting for his official album release to finally drop. The kid is one of the most gifted emcees coming out of the D, plus he has lyrics with a conscious message and substance. He speaks the truth. If you listen close enough, you just might learn something. I wouldn't dare label him as just another conscious rapper because he can easily rip an emcee to shreds in a battle. The most impressive thing about this guy (IMO) is his word-cramming flow. Talk about breath control! Finale sounds like he's saying double the words in the same amount of time as the average emcee. If you are already a fan of Detroit hip-hop, you definitely need to add Finale to your collection.

Finale's new album "A Pipe Dream and a Promise" hits the streets on April 7th, so be on the lookout. Production duties handled by J Dilla, Oddisee, Nottz, Black Milk and Flying Lotus. This joint is full of hard hitting beats and rhymes. Expect the unexpected because it's not what you're used to...

Here is one reason to purchase this album!

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