Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm back up in this piece like a XXL Timberland fleece! I know by now most are in need of some music to get you through these first days of Spring, so get your headphones ready. Fortunately, for you folks my music tastes have no limits, and that's why my latest mixx is all over the place. It's all good though (no MC Hammer pants)! This time around I'm taking it back to my WNEX Radio Mixx days. If you've been supporting this site from its beginning, you should be familiar. For those that are not, WNEX was all about showcasing music from all genres in one mixx. Think of it as a fantasy radio station where all genres and eras of music could intermingle like horny young adults at a sleezy night club. I call it the "Owter Limitz Mixx" so put ears on it. This is only volume one, so stay posted for volume 2 sooner than later...

If you desire a little country in your life, I just might have something for you on Volume 2. I have this dope Garth Brooks remix by Madlib that I'm itching to share...


01-Koushik – Coolin’
02-Dr. Who Dat? ft. Capital People – Ghetto Dreaming
03-Jesse Boykins III – I Don’t Know
04-Miles Jaye – Let’s Start Love Over
05-The Crusaders – Alekesam
06-The Stylistics – Make Up To Break Up
07-Black Ivory – You and I
08-LAUSD ft. Blu/Jack Davey – iFeel
09-Count Bass D – Let’s Chill Medley
10-Lalah Hathaway – Baby Don’t Cry
11-Cheryl Lynn – Whatever It Takes
12-The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You
13-Dwele – Without You
14-Incognito – Incognito
15-Case – Shoulda Known Better
16-Mr. Fingers – On My Way
17-Hygher Baby – Intro
18-Fred Joachim – Meditashun
19-Little Brother – Home
20-Eddie Jackson - You Make Me Wanna Smile Again
21-Common ft. Erykah Badu – The Light (Re-Work)
22-The Floaters – Float On



Soulrific said...

You ain't lying, that playlist is a genre jumper fo sho. But that's what makes it sizzle!

rteer88 said...

You have my complete trus t in your taste in music! I'd like to consider myself well-rounded when it comes to music, but I must admit, if not for you and your mixes, I would've missed out on some great artists and music. Keep it comin'.

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Soulrific - Sizzle is a great word to describe it too...LOL!

@rtee88 - As always, you are in good hands with SoundNexx. Thanks for your continuous support...