Monday, March 30, 2009



Anonymous said...

Hi man, i'm looking for a track :
capleton-heathen rage (taxman special mix)
If you can provide it to me please let me know:
I could send you back some dope rare stuff. Thanks

rteer88 said...

OH YEAH!!! One of my favorite J*Davey tracks. Good to see something new from them. I was getting kinda worried. I had heard that they finally signed to a major label (Warner), but that was some time ago and I thought an album would've been released by now. I was worried that the same thing that happened to Q-Tip had happened to me. Good to see they're still pushing forward.

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Anonim-fmr (if that's your name) - let me check my archives. I think I have joint on a CD single somewhere?

@rteer88 - Yeah, J-Davey needs to stop playing. I know they are working closely with Prince, and if you watched Prince perform live on Jay Leno last week, Jack was back up singing for him.

No release dates as of yet, so keep ya toes crossed...