Thursday, March 26, 2009

No, your eyes are not deceiving you! Yes, I am posting two different mixxes back-to-back within two days. I felt it was time for some rap/hip-hop joints (or whatever you call it). I don't consider this site a hip-hop blog, or even a soul blog for that matter. Truthfully, it's just a blog that promotes good music from all genres (except polka and folk). Hip-Hop has been and will always be a big part of my obsession with music. I can still remember back in the day when 75% of my music collection was hip-hop. Today, things are drastically different because my tastes have definitely evolved over the years. I still keep my "HipHopHead" identification card in my back pocket at all times, but I'm finding myself not being that impressed with many of the newer katz spittin' on the mic today. I don't feel that hip-hop is dead, but it has definitely changed. I'm cool with that, but excuse me if I continue to dig in my archives to replay some of the classics. Good music never dies, and that is why it continues to have so much replay value. It's like comfort food for my ears...
So, this evening I am sharing some of the tracks that have been getting much rotation in my boomin' system as of late. For, the last few days most of these tracks have been on repeat, so welcome to my "HipHopRotationz 2 Mixx" x-strava-ganza. I hope you dig it, because I do....
HHR2 Playlist:
01-Little Brother - Whatever You Say
02-Ghostface ft. Raekwon - Good Times
03-Q-Tip ft. Kanye/Consequence - We Fight, We Love (Remix)
04-Slim Shady - Get You Mad
05-Little Brother ft. Yahzarah - The Beginning
06-Mr. Complex ft. Trugoy (De La Soul) - Emotional
07-Asamov - Hookslide
08-Keith Murray ft. 50 Grand - Dangerous Ground (Ummah Remix)
09-Erick Sermon - Boy Meets World
10-Busta Rhymes - Enjoy Da Ride
11-B.I.G. - Kick In The Door (Jazzy Remix)
12-ATCQ ft. D-Life - Pad & Pen
13-Viktor Vaughn - Open Mic Nite Pt. 2
14-Finale - Heat
15-Slum Village - La La
16-J Live - Like This Anna
17-John Robinson - I Am Not For Sale
18-Nas - The World
19-Nas - The World Is Yours (Nick Remix)
20-Legacy - Cold As A Butcher
21-Common - Tekzilla

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