Wednesday, February 25, 2009

During a time when most bloggers beg, borrow and steal from each other hoping to be the first to drop an exclusive that actually leaked two weeks earlier, this post is for you. Truly, it’s not always about having the latest and greatest. It’s more than okay to revive some classics from your musical archives to inspire a new generation of listeners. Most forget about what was, trying to find what is, and that’s a shame. For that reason, today I am remembering the Godfathers of electronic music, Kraftwerk! If you are not already familiar with this group from Germany, your ears are in for a treat. These katz have some of the most sampled joints in the game, plus their beats still bang just as much now as they did decades ago. In my early days living in Detroit, we grew up listening to Kraftwerk. Most tracks from their first few albums were definitely 80s type break dance and pop-lock battle worthy, so they were the obvious records of choice for the b-boy types. Kraftwerk’s music is still influencing new generations of musicians after all of these years, which is impressive. Hip-Hop heads should definitely recognize some of these loops borrowed by some of their favorite rap artists.

Okay, I’m done typing. Let’s get into some good music. These are some of my favorite Kraftwerk songs from their extensive catalog, so enjoy! If this is your first listen to Kraftwerk, please leave a comment sharing what you think about their music after playing this mixx. All comments are welcomed.


02+Musique Non Stop
03+Home Computer
04+Trans-Europe Express
05+The Telephone Call
06+It’s More Fun To Compute
07+Metal On Metal
08+The Man Machine
09+Computer World Pt. 2



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