Thursday, February 19, 2009

Producers come and producers go, but why this kat is still underrated, I'll never know? Did you peep my e-flow just then? An you just thought your boy Nexx was only masterful with the mixxes. I can drop a nice half-a-bar when I want to as well, so you better ask somebody! On second thought, maybe you shouldn't, because that somebody has probably never heard of me! Anyway, one of my favorite producers (I have many) is Floyd Da Locsmif representing Georgia! I actually got turned on to Floyd by my dude Todd Kelley back in 2006. What sold me was that Outkast remix mixtape project that Locsmif laced back a few years ago. That was a classic joint, and I've been a fan ever since. Floyd dropped his first Divine Designz album under the radar a while back, but Part 2: Soul, etc. is here now. It's basically an instrumental album of showcasing locsmif's beats, but there are a couple vocalistic (I made the word up) moments to endulge in as well.

Do yourself a favor and put ears on this album. One of his major influences if J. Dilla, so he can't be all bad, right! Truthfully typing, Floyd deserves your undivided attention and your financial support.


Then stop by one of his spots and say what up to the kid.

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