Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In between watching NBA basketball, eating plenty of home cooking, and internet surfing I got a chance to listen to Busta Rhymes latest album release "Back On My B. S." the other day. By the way, the B. S. in the title stands for bologna sammich. I heard Busta likes himself some fried bologna from time to time. Anyway, so I'm speed listening to Busta's joint, hitting the skip button whenever necessary, and then I heard it! Comedian Mike Epps (from Friday movie fame) talking on what I thought was an album skit. It wasn't a skit though. It was actually the beginnings of one of my favorite tracks on the whole album produced by DJ Scratch. It's called "I'm A Go and Get My"...

Scratch's production is clever. He flips Mike Epps' hilarious scene in the drug store from the Ice Cube produced movie "All About the Benjamins" where he's singing his lotto numbers to Mr. Chef (the cashier).

I found the movie clip on Youtube, so check it out below:

Now, put ears on the Busta Rhymes/DJ Scratch track below:

One other hip-hop track that had the same impact on me back in 2007 based on production cleverness was the DJ Jazzy Jeff produced track "Practice" featuring J-Live. The way Jeff flipped that infamous line from Allen Iverson's interview on ESPN is still classic! Checkout the clip below:

If you haven't already, definitely listen to the track using that sample below:

Practice Time!

These are two reasons why I still love hip-hop...

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