Sunday, May 17, 2009

As usual, I am happily overwhelmed with music! So, please except my late pass on this Giovanca post. I've had this album in my possession for a while, but I never listened to it. Nothing personal of course, I just never got a chance to check it out. After a couple of listens to Giovanca's debut "Subway Silence" album, I have become a definite fan of her music. The Netherlands has been representing when it comes to soul music for years, and Giovanca is no exception. Did I mention that she's easy on the eyes as well? She's model too, so I guess her beauty is to be expected. What I dig most about this songstress is that she can actually sing! Remember when that was a requirement back in the day, except for Paula Abdul? It seems to be a rare quality these days, so it's difficult not to appreciate when it comes along. Make if your business to check out what Giovanca has to offer. Most of you can get the album on for $10.

Put eyes and ears on these video clips below showcasing Giovanca:

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