Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tiye Phoenix

By now real hip-hop fans know the true status of female emcees in the game. Basically, it’s non-existent at this point. Outside of the usual suspects like Jean Grae, Lil’Kim, Foxy Brown, etc. things have been pretty bleak. I introduce to some of you a female emcee that deserves your attention, and her name is Tiye Phoenix. Tiye is not only an emcee/writer/singer/producer, but she’s also a member of the underground rap crew Polyrhythm Addicts. She replaced Jean Grae after she departed the group. Tiye and Jean have similar qualities as rappers, but they both have their own unique style on the microphone. While Jeanie can get pretty explicit with her lyrics, Tiye seems to keep her rhymes on the PG-13 level, which works well for her.

I'll let the lady herself explain how she got started in the rap game:

Ms. Phoenix’s debut solo album entitled “Half Woman, Half Amazing” was released today. There are only limited guest appearances from Chip fu, Phonte and Dynas. This album takes it back to the basic with creative wordplay and solid production. Checkout the title track from the new album and hear what you think:

Here's a live performance of some of her earlier work:

If you want more Tiye Phoenix information and music, hit her up at:


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