Monday, May 04, 2009

Meet the songstress Oceana from Berlin. She brings a funky fresh feel with her music. It's catchy like the Swine Flu (no constant handwashing). I saw this singer few months ago surfin' around on the internet, but I didn't know what her name was. Sooner than later I discovered that Oceana had an album coming out entitled "Love Story" in May '09. Because I have friends in high and low places, I was given a sneak peak of the new joint, and I am truly diggin' it! Oceana has several genres and flavors all rolled up neatly within this album. There is a nice mixture of pop, soul and reggae throughout. Her music also has messages, so pay attention. If you currently enjoy artists like Estelle, Joss Stone, Kissey Asplund and Janelle Monae, you should definitely give Oceana a listen.

Here a few of her videos for your viewing pleasure:

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