Monday, May 18, 2009

Musically I approach, the two turntables because I ain’t no joke… Motivation is a necessity when you run any site or blog for a long period of time. It’s a challenge to come up with new ideas topics and material on the regular. It’s even harder to create fresh posts showcasing these things for the cyber world to see and judge. Many have asked me over my three years and some change of running this joint what keeps me motivated. Well, there are several things actually, but there are three things that are at the top of my list. The first is my dedication for showcasing musical talent that I feel deserves to be recognized. Since, the radio won’t do, folks like I have to take the ball and dribble it. The second thing is the people that come to this blog on a regular basis looking for that musical fix. Some visitors have been supporting the SoundNexx Movement since I started (u know who u are). The third is my fellow music bloggers that I have befriended since my beginnings.

I have met some really cool folks on the net, so I’d like to "typeout” (typewritten shoutout) some of them today. As you read these names bang on a nearby table or desk with your fists in a lunchroom-boom-bap rhythm so that it sounds better. This list is in no particular order:

Honeysoul (she put a CD to my head, and made me start this blog), Travis (WakeYourDaughterUp), DJ Synflood (My Berlin brotha from anotha), Todd Kelley (the beat maker), C. Brown (Flowink originator), Nikki (Infinite-Soulrific), EJ Flavors (The guru), nOvaslim (soulbounce), Mo (mosaicthump), Eskay (Nahright), S*dot (BlindIforthekids), Cubik Arubik (one of my 1st blog buddies), Kenny Fresh (freshselects), and many others that I could name! Everyone contributing something fresh and new to the blogsphere , keep on doing your thang! It’s greatly appreciated whether somebody tells you or not.

Here is soulful mixx that will hopefully make your ears cry tears of joy. I call this one the “Strangely Flyy Mixx” so be sure and check it out when you get a chance.

The Flyy Playlist:

01-Eakke = Pimp My Reindeer
02-Nicolay & Kay = What We Live
03-Redd = I Wanna
04-Giovanca = Joyride
05-L*Marie = Save Me
06-Darien = Sail Thru
07-Fred Joachim = Virgo
08-AB & The Souljourners = People
09-Tamara Wellons = Time’s Ticking
10-Peven Everett = Surely Shorty
11-Heavy = Do For You (Yam Who? Remix)
12-Hil St. Soul = Release
13-Intro = Let Me Be The One
14-Fred Joachim = Sun Kiss
15-Elaquent ft. Moka Only/ES = 2 am Reflections
16-Jason Weaver = Love Ambition (Remix)
17-V = Show Me The Way
18-Madden T = High
19-Lina = Smooth
20-Tony Thompson = I Wanna Love Like That (Doogie Remix)
21-Erykah Badu = On & On (Bomb Squad Remix)



Allegra93 said...

Thanks for putting me on to so many great artists. Your hard work is definitely appreciated.

SoundNexx DJ said...

U r welcome Allegra93! Thanks for coming thru and leaving a comment!

rteer88 said...

MAN!!! If it weren't for you and many others like the bloggers you mentioned (Honeysoul, Todd Kelly, EJ, etc.) I would have missed out on a many og great artists and great music. I will always be indebted to you and others like who keep the music real!

Peace & Love.

Soulrific said...

This podcast is right up my alley. Much props to ya, Soundnexx!