Monday, July 26, 2010

Here is another independent soul artist from Dallas, Texas worth checking for, and his name is Geno Young. He started his musical journey working as a musical director, arranger and producer for lovely Erykah Badu. The knowledge and experience that he gained from touring with Erykah gave him enough courage to step out on his own as a soul artist. Geno released his debut album "The Ghetto Symphony" in early 2004. I first became aware of Mr. Young after my homegirl HoneySoul let me hear the dope "Honeydew" single from his album. That track never gets old! Another nice track worth mentioning from that album is called "Broadway" and I thing George Benson would be proud if he heard it. The whole album was solid, but as usual it went under the soul radar for most music lovers.

Fortunately, Geno is back after 6 years with his second album entitled "Ear Hustler" and I like this album even better than the first. This joint seems more focused. I noticed some growth in the production and lyrical content as well. With the right push, this album could put Geno Young on the "soul map" for lovers of the genre. Currently, the new album is only available for purchase digitally through the web-site. You can listen to snippets of each song of the album on that site as well.

Here is a direct link for the album: EAR HUSTLER

If you have never heard the "Honeydew" track, check the video below:

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