Saturday, December 27, 2008

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a Detroit native. Detroit is known by other aliases like Motown, Motor City, Hockey Town, The Murder Mitten and The Dirty Glove. No matter what the outsiders call it, the folks that live here call it home. I have visited and actually lived in plenty of other states and countries throughout my life, but nothing is like the vibe in Detroit. The culture here runs deep and once you experience it, you’ll never forget it. Yeah, there is crime, unemployment, ghettos and corruption throughout Detroit, but I can’t think of a city in the U.S. that doesn’t have those attributes to some degree. The good things about this city definitely out way the bad, but the media rarely speaks on it. Here are some the things that make Detroit special: Faygo Pop, Coney Island Restaurants, Hart Plaza, Chene Park, Detroit Auto Show, Belle Isle, International Festivals, Detroit Grand Prix, Canada, Fireworks, Fashion, Music, etc.

Speaking of music, it’s been a minute since I posted a mixx showcasing some of the Detroit’s hip-hop talent. This mixx is actually part 2 of the “Dirty Mitten Hip-Hop Mixx” that I dropped back in 2007. These are some of my favorite local artists, and they range from the usual suspects to some of the unknowns still on the grind. When you get a minute, put ears on this joint and if you like what you hear go the extra the mile and show these kats some love on their Myspace pages. Also, take some of that Christmas money and buy some of their music too dammit! They could use the stacks, trust me…

The Dirty Playlist:

01=Swagger - Illa J
02=Boss Up - The Funtouchables
03=Shake This - Royce Da 5'9
04=Blah Blah Blah - Fatt Father
05=Who's That - D. Allie
06=Knockout Kings - Guilty Simpson
07=Legendary - Street Lord Juan/Short Dawg
08=Overdue Process - Zo!/Asylum 7
09=Happiness - J Dilla/Baatin
10=Work - Leaf Erikson/AC Pull/Buried Glory
11=Yeah - Phat Kat/Elzhi
12=Hell Yeah - Black Milk
13=Are U Ready - Slum Village/Jazzy Jeff
14=Curtains - Smoke
15=40 Bars - Fatt Father
16=The Kingdom - Buff 1/Elzhi/Miz Korona
17=Bang! - D. Allie
18=DFTF - Illa J/Affion Crockett
19=Locusts - Invincible/Finale
20=Dumbstruck - Leaf Erikson
21=Jungle Music - Finale
22=Part of Me - Royce Da 5'9


Also, once the Detroit Lions lose to the Packers this weekend, we will own the rights to the worst season ever played by any NFL football team with 16 almost wins! No other city can make such a claim, so GOOOO LIONNNNSSS!!!

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