Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The street savvy parent known as Detroit's own Fatt Father is back on his grind again just in time for Christmas. He's just released his latest mixtape he calls "Christmas With Fatt Father" for your listening pleasure. This isn't your daddy's Nat King Cole or Bing Crosby Christmas records, so don't get it twisted. This is still street music with a Christmas theme to it. Fatts keeps his lyrics on point throughout even though it's a Christmas theme, and many of his stories are well thoughtout. His unique sense of humour will probably have you chuckling a bit, but that's expected when he's on the mic. My dude is currently on the road with Trick-Trick getting his grind on all over the country, so when he comes to your town show some love. Until next time, be sure to kopp Fatt Father's free Christmas gift by clicking on the album cover.

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