Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remember Heavy D? Now, that's a name that you probably haven't heard in a long while. Personally, I was a big Heavy D back in the day. Truthfully, I've never stopped being a fan. Most of his hits from of past could still easily rock any party today. He was a master at taking the best soulful classics and turning them into head knocking party anthems. Who could forget his classic tracks like "The Overweight Lovers In The House," "Now That We Found Love" and "Big Daddy?" When he stopped dropping albums a few years back, there seemed to be a huge void in the rap game. Heavy D made fun and catchy rap songs that even your grandma could sing along to without saying one curse word. Plus, he made songs for the women. Some might dare say that the ladies loved Heavy D more than Cool James (LL Cool J). You women can debate about that amongst yourselves. Regardless, many rumored that Heavy was having a hard time dealing with the new image that hip-hop was taking on, so he stepped away. Others said that he gave up rapping to further his acting career. I'm inclined to believe the later of the two.

It doesn't really matter now though, because Heavy D is back at it once again! He's not rapping this time though. His new album entitled 'Vibes' is expanding on his reggae roots. This joint has a very 'lovers rock' feel to it, which is a nice sensation for my eardrums. I've been wanting some new reggae vibes to add to my collection, so this album couldn't have come at a better time. If you dare think or say that Heavy D is new to this whole reggae vibe, bite your tongue and then put ears on this classic 'Hotness' track he did with Buju Banton back in 1993.

Heavy D ft. Buju Banton - Hotness

Also, if you haven't seen his new video for his new single called 'Long Distance Girlfriend' yet, here is your chance:

Now, that you are feeling all 'Caribbean Vibes' like right about now, do yourself a favor and put ears on the new Heavy D album HERE!

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