Saturday, December 13, 2008

Since, this is the week of the 3rd Anniversary of starting this blog known as SoundNexx, I have decided to do something rare today. I plan on answering one of the questions that I have been asked at least a hundred times over the years. I have kept a lot of mystery about myself and how things work around here because I feel that the music should be the center of attention and not myself! It’s hard not to recognize that many of my visitors are somewhat interested in knowing more about the man behind this musical madness. So, here we go with some insight. I constantly get asked who’s behind that sexy female voice that saturates my mixxes. You know the one that says quotes like “It’s SoundNexx Babie” and “Enjoy the SoundNexx Experience.” Well, that’s Mrs. SoundNexx a.k.a Punkin Py. She’s been the voice of the SoundNexx brand since the beginning. Even to this day, she loves hearing her voice blended in various spots throughout my mixxes. She laughs when I tell her that her voice is being heard all over the world, thanks to all of my out of country visitors that frequent the site.

That photo above is actually her, but since she wants to remain incognegroe I had to blur it out a little. Let me clear when I say that she’s a hand full. I still remember how much work it took for me to get those final voice drops that you get today. I am a part-time perfectionist, so I know that I can be demanding at times, but I didn’t think we’d ever get done. I had to actually go into Ike Turner mode to get the output I wanted (minus the azz whuppins of course). I'd say things to her like, “I’mma need you to put some stank on it” and “Say it just like I told you Annie Mae!” Needless to say that didn’t work at all, but in the end we finally got it done. So, now you know, and hopefully you won’t need to ask me anymore?

I know you can’t tell by that pic I posted above, but Punkin Py is definitely beautiful in mind, body and soul! To close out this post, I have decided to share a mixx that I call the “OhSo Beautiful Mixx” for your enjoyment.


01^LB – Beautiful Morning
02^SoulID –Beauty & Sin
03^MJB – Beautiful Ones
04^K. Cole – Beautiful Music
05^Purple St. James – Beautiful Place
06^Keith Murray – The Most Beautifullest Thing In The World
07^DJ Tonk ft Rahsaan Admad – Beautiful
08^Darien Brockington – Beautiful
09^Eijay – Beautiful Lady
10^Cody Chestnutt – The Most Beautiful Shame
11^Musiq – Sobeautiful
12^Jaheim ft. MJB – Beauty and Thug
13^Aloe Blacc – I’m Beautiful
14^Donnie – Beautiful Me
15^Damien Marley ft Bobby Brown – Beautiful
16^MJB – Beautiful Day
17^Rhian Ayanna – Beauty
18^Tamar Davis ft Prince – Beautiful, Loved & Blessed
19^Wes Felton ft Big Brooklyn – Beauty Fall of Things Ever
20^Lacks – Beautiful
21^Masta Ace – Beautiful Outro

It's really beautiful too!

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