Sunday, December 21, 2008

Peven Everett is back at it again for 2008. His unique and catchy style of soul music has been on my menu for years now, but many still don't know about him. I used to wonder why Peven's promotion tactics weren't more aggressive, but now I figure that being popular is not that important to this artist. Some are comfortable driving in their own lane with no real desire for change. Being independent gives him freedoms that many of the contracted artists never get a chance to experience. Peven determines his own schedule for making and releasing his music, which keeps fans like myself very happy. I don't have to wonder when or if a new Peven joint will be dropping, because he always keeps them coming. Unlike an artist like Rell who hasn't dropped an album since he was signed to the Roc years ago.

Peven's new album 'Sincerely Yours' is showcasing a softer and more mellow side of his soul swagger. Normally, his albums are full of uptempo tracks, but this one stays pretty much in the mid-tempo beat count. This is a nice change of pace for Mr. Everett and I this just might be the album that adds more fans to his already large following.

Put ears on this track: P. Everett - First Choice

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