Thursday, December 18, 2008

I came across this gem in my mixx archives and thought I’d share it with you folks. This is real hip-hop right here! Before we had rap crews like Wu-Tang, G-Unit, Dipset and The Dungeon Family there was a group of emcees that changed the hip-hop movement forever. They called themselves the ‘Native Tongues.’ The core members of the Native Tongue Collective consisted of The Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, DJ Red Alert and Prince Paul. Tongue affiliates included other artists like Monie Love, Queen Latifah, Black Sheep, Chi-Ali, Flavor Unit, Leaders of The New School and The Fu-Schnickens. Rappers Common Sense and Mos Def joined the crew several years later. When these artists united on a music project, it created a definite Voltron like effect. There was so much talent amongst the crew that all of their music projects seemed to be solid no matter who it was that released it. Consistency is not a word that I use often when it comes to most rap artists in general, but in the case of the Native Tongues it definitely fits. They pretty much dominated the underground hip-hop scene of the late 80s and early 90s in my opinion. Is the Native Tongues still a crew today? The answer to that question would depend on who you asked. Personally, I think there are fragments of that old NT vibe that appear in hip-hop from time to time. Nothing compares to originators though.

So, enjoy this journey back into hip-hop when the Native Tongue was the only language we spoke. Before all of the drugs, rims, phat asses, gats, bling, songs made up of only hooks, lame dances and teef grills. When being different was cool. Some of you were probably still peeing in the bed when some of these joints originally dropped back in the day, but it's never too late to appreciate great music!

NativeTouguez Mixx Playlist:

01-On The Road Again (Jimmy Mix) - Jungle Brothers/Q-Tip
02-Without A Doubt (Salaam Remix) - Black Sheep
03-Buddy (Remix) - De La Soul/Tribe/Jungle Brothers/Latifah/Monie Love
04-Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children - Latifah/De La Soul
05-Monie In The Middle - Monie Love
06-Doin Our Own Dang (JB Mix) - Jungle Brothers/Latifah/De La Soul/Tribe
07-Pubic Enemy (Saturday Disco Mix) - A Tribe Called Quest
08-Phife - Miscellaneous (Remix)
09-Scenario (Remix) - A Tribe Called Quest/LONS/Kid Hood
10-The Choice Is Yours (Remix) - Black Sheep
11-It's A Shame - Monie Love
12-Eye Know (The Kiss Mix) - De La Soul
13-Tribe Vibes - Jungle Brothers
14-Queen of Royal Badness - Queen Latifah/45 King
15-Strobelite Honey - Black Sheep
16-Ring, Ring, Ring (Piles Demo Tape Mix) - De La Soul
17-Promo No. 2 - Jungle Brothers/Q-Tip
18-Phife - Game Day

19-What "U" Waitin' 4 - Jungle Brothers



Then check out the classic posse joint below:

Scenario (Music Video)

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