Sunday, December 28, 2008

Before I get this post started, I want to make one thing very clear. Personally, I hate the smell of the drink Green Tea, plus it taste like warm turtle piss with a touch of lime! However, I love the full-figured, soul singing artist that calls herself Green Tea from Washington D.C. Just like my favorite Philly filly named Jilly (Jill Scott), Ms. Tea is definitely a “thickum.” Oh yeah, and they both can sing pretty well too! I’ve been following Green Tea’s career every since I heard the track “Soul Connection” on some soul compilation I purchased a couple of years ago. If you’ve been downloading my mixxes for a minute, you’ve probably heard this track as well. What I like most about Green is that she keeps her music positive with uplifting messages about love and life. None of that male bashing “he ain’t sh*t, girl” type of hooplah that many young female artists sing about these days. If an angry female knocks my car windows out, I'm going Rambo Part 1 on somebody! So, if you are looking for that drama filled music, go that way.

Green Tea released her independent debut album “Have a Cup of Green Tea Dosage 1: Shades of Green” back in 2006. I can easily assume that most people never heard it. She’s back with her second album “Dosage II: Choices," which is full of sultry soul tracks that any music fan will enjoy. There’s a nice mixture of mid-tempo to slow jammish type joints that will fill all of your cravings. It bothers me a little that music like this doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. If you’ve never heard of Green Tea, here is your chance. Both of her albums can be purchased from sites like CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes, so go spend some money. Also, if you ever get to see her perform live, do so. Support quality music…




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Anonymous said...

One of the best albums to drop in 2008! I've been featuring her singles in my podcasts this winter.